Listen to the music, notice the key

Tripped on a stone and, in the end, found Justin to have helped me pass a major stumbling element. Listened to the music and heard the key(s) in effect. You probably won’t need to learn the song any more than that if you know where things are. I know it sounds rudimentary, but for me it was freeing to finally be able to transpose what I heard into action on a fretboard. The reason for posting? it was really the most fruitful thing I ever heard as a beginner… sort of a landmark element really. (from years ago when he first started site - was in beginner 2, may be diff now)


Welcome to the forum Jeff. That’s great skill to have. I’m glad you figured it out.

Welcome! Yes! What you describe there is a beautiful landmark event in the world of music, with all instruments, but they each have their unique paths to realizing it. When it hits you, it’s an epiphany, and an experience!