Little Bird

Good morning JG Community

This is a song I wrote as part of a challenge our group set a little while back. I can’t remember what the theme was meant to be, but the song turned out to be about climate change and wildlife preservation. It’s probably a bit longer than it needed to be (as are a few of my songs), but I’m pleased with the end product, both audio and video. I added a very basic piano backing in Cakewalk, I’m no pianist! I also dropped any drums or bass, as I felt doing this lifted and lightened the tune. I’m really enjoying the whole creative process. Please enjoy and have a great weekend. Much love.


Hi Lee,
I hope you read this post in the spirit which it is intended.
You are obviously a creative musician who enjoys sharing your passion with others.
Good on you :grinning:
Does it seem strange that an original composition, involving a lot of production, would only have a couple of dozen views and no comments a day after posting? I had a quick scan on your participation since you joined the forum and notice that apart from your introduction, you’ve shared multiple pieces and received many positive comments and ‘likes’ for them but have returned very little interest in others’ contributions :thinking:
We all have different motivations for what we do, and if you simply wish to share for our enjoyment- that’s great.
I’ve omitted any feedback on the piece itself, as I’m not sure whether you were looking for that or not.
To be clear- there’s absolutely nothing wrong with posting for anyone interested (in fact the opposite) - I just think you’re missing out on how much you could gain by engaging more in others’ contributions.


Hi Brian,

Thank you for your message and it’s a fair comment. It’s no excuse but I have been consumed with the gratification of completing a project and moving on to the next. It’s a bit of an addiction and getting songs produced and videoed is only something I’ve started doing in the last 4 or 5 months. I have watched/listened to a few other compositions, but you’re correct I haven’t passed many comments, insights or given praise where due. Part of that maybe my own insecurity of my own musical ability. But that said, having been playing for the last 15 years or more, I should be getting passed that.

Thank you for pointing this out to me Brian. I’ll try to be more community minded and not be so self orientated.

Cheers mate.

Cheers for your engaging response, Lee :grinning:
Haha I know all too well what it’s like to be ‘consumed’ by a project, and completion to one’s best ability is immensely satisfying, even if it’s just ‘meh’ in reality :rofl:
Also, bear in mind that you’ll never keep up with the forum. It’s time-consuming and gobbles up your guitar time.
It’s impossible to get the balance right :roll_eyes:
I did enjoy your song, but agree with you it’s a tad long :wink:

Very nice production Lee, and props on the message of the song.

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Thank you Mark, glad you liked it. The songs message, although not subtle, was a key motivation for it.

Kind regards

Another well produced track, Lee. I enjoyed it and a good message in there as well.

Thank you Stefan, glad you enjoyed it. And yes, the message is a worthy one that needs to be constantly reiterated.


Hi Lee,

Got a late 60s early 70s vibe from this - hints of Lennon at times.
Good theme for the lyrics - not super preachy (a good thing), but a nice message.
Well put together musically and visually.


Hi Stephen, thank you for your comments and listening. I’ve had that 60s 70s vibe mentioned before, and I do love both era’s. if there’s a hint of Lennon it is unintentional, but he’s left his mark and influence on most of us. Glad you enjoyed it. Regards.