Little lion man - Mumford and sons

Here is one I’ve been working on. Still a few things I need to iron out.

Mumford’s first two albums are up there as two of my favourite albums of all time.


Nicely played, Stefan, it sounds like that one is coming together. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Thats a tough song to play as a beginner as the strumming is more 16th note strumming when up to speed. You played it well though. I would suggest slowing it down slightly so you’ve got time to sing the song too…you seemed to be rushing the vocal. That is probably because the song is played fast BUT you don’t actually need to sing fast. Slowing it down from a playing perspective will help a lot. Overall good effort though.

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Hi Stefan,

I’m afraid I didn’t watch the vid as I was making breakfast in bed for the missus, so only had you over loudspeaker.
First impression:
Much more enjoyable, not having to look at your visage whilst listening :rofl:
Joking aside, I was impressed with the guitar playing. Steady strumming, clean chords.
I agree with Jason, I felt the singing came across as a bit rushed and I think if you slowed the whole thing down a bit, not only would it be easier to play/sing, it would also sound better.
Why aren’t you playing that cool tele? :wink:

@J.W.C Thank you Jason.

@Rossco01 Thanks Jason, especially on the singing bit, as it doesn’t feel just right when I’m doing it. I think that playing fast and singing slow is something I’m going to have to work on. Maybe another posting further down the line to contrast and compare.

@brianlarsen :rofl: :rofl: and who can blame you Brian, I don’t like looking at my ugly mug either. Thank you and see above on the singing. The tele does come out for a couple of songs that I do and now that I have my 2i2 I’ll be doing a couple of songs with it for in here.

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I wouldn’t worry about that side, Stefan. You’re way ahead of the posse in terms of playing and singing simultaneously. The trick (as always) is practice. The more automatically you can play, the more you can just focus on singing. You might be asking yourself why I’m telling you this, when you already know it. Indeed, why am I spending my whole morning typing away on the site? Well, mum’s down in day care for the day and I’m supposed to be filling in my tax forms :roll_eyes:
Now where’s my guitar?


That was great Stefan.

I remember playing this going through the BC, really good fun to play. Back then I would not have even considered singing it was well, so huge kudos for that. The only thing I would offer over what’s been said, is to keep your strumming going at 16ths even when the actually chords get “more spaced” out (I am sure there is a better expression) it will keep you in the zone. Well it helped me anyway but a cracking job all the same. :sunglasses:

I echo the previous comments. That is a hard to play. Mumford and Sons seems to have a lot of challenging rhythms in general. On that front you nailed it. Agree also with slowing the singing. Try playing along with the original song. This will help pull the two together.

I fully agree with you how hard it is to play fast and sing slow. One of my favorite songs is similar in that regard and I too struggle to blend the two together. I guess it’s time for me to follow my own advice.

Great stuff Stefan. Yes it’s difficult to strum fast and sing slowly as everything wants to go at the same speed as your strumming hand.

I thought you did a great job though and I thoroughly enjoyed your performance. Well done and I look forward to more from you.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner @frito @sairfingers

Thank you for listening chaps, I’m glad you enjoyed.

@frito Thanks for that advice, even though I’ve done playalongs before it never even crossed my mind to try it on this one. I’ll give that a go.

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Justin also does a great version of “The Cave”… a littler trickier but sounds great (and if I remember rightly is in Drop D tuning).

Nothing more for me to say, Stefan, just join in with the :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Have to agree with this, I’m choking a little in your dust :grin:

You are doing great, look forward to the next.

@Rossco01 I have a quick look at the cave, as it’s another great song. It is on my list of ones to learn.

@DavidP Thanks David, I started the singing (hard though it was) because I found it easier for me to know when to do the chord changes.

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Well I think all helpful feedback has already been shared by others, but it is never too late for encouragement - well done here Stefan, sounded good to me and I enjoyed the song especially the humming part (it wasn’t really humming was it, yawning maybe? My vocabulary fails me at the moment :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). All the best.

Whooo hoooo Stefan, well done. Nice capo btw :wink: you seem to have tamed it. Yeah, those first two albums of M and Sons, especially Babel are faves of mine. You’ve inspired me to think about learning something from the album.

@adi_mrok :rofl: I’ll take yawning. Thanks for the listen.

@batwoman Thanks Maggie, I think so now as well :smiley: . Yes, I was going to post in the other thread but I’ll do it here. After following what you wrote I am getting a lot better performance from the capo. I think I wasn’t putting it close enough to the fret.

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I had a really nice time listening to this.

I was in college when the years of those first 2 albums and this song brings back great memories.

Seeing you perform makes me pick up my guitar and work hard to learn it, I remember trying in a really early stage and thought nope, not for me :sweat_smile:


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