Little Pink Houses - Musopia App

Hi all, It didn’t go fully as intended but it’s good enough I think for a G2 piece to post and critique.

I had recorded the acoustic hammer on to overlay in the video but it was to slow so time wouldn’t match lol.

I think this is my second piece for G2 but no matter…

Merry Xmas all and Happy Hollidays.

P. S
Thanks all who helped with info on how to sync seperate audio to video.


Its a great song and you played it well.

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Nicely played Rachel. I love that song and I thought you played it really smoothly with nice chord changes and a lovely tone on your guitar.

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Merry Christmas! I really enjoyed listenting to this. :slight_smile:
I think you did a good job of keep up with the music.

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Nicely done, nice clean chords and changes. LOVE the guitar as well. Is it the tobacco burst finish?

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No, this one is the Bourbon Burst.


Rachael @Libitina
Really nice I enjoyed that.
Happy Festive holidays :christmas_tree:

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Hey Rachel!

Thanks for posting this!!

Boy, this takes me waaaaayy back to junior high school days. . definitely a forgotten gem. . .man do I remember singing along to this one at about 15 years old or so. . .

Sounds great!! I think you’ve definitely got this down. . .my suggestion would be to try adding in the little hammered on licks he throws in there and (I think) there are some “pushed” chord changes as well. These are all optional embellishments of course.

It sounds prefectly good as you’re playing it.

Now, it’s time to start with the vocal, no? Hee, hee, as and when you’re ready of course. . .

Well done, and thanks again!! Hope you have a merry christmas!!


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Great job what did you use for tone or did you run through clean channel?

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Thank you for the nice feenback, you’re correct about the push chords, quite a lot all the way through C to G quick change :slight_smile:

I had recorded the hammer on on my acoustic but I cannot get the timing to line up from 2 vids and 2 audios :(, even tried again this morning but no joy… I will figure it and repost too when I have figured it.

Heres a 2 second clip

NO NO NO, No vocals, sadly Covid left me with Asthma

Thank you, Merry Xmas to you too .

Thanks Jeff, I used the Boss tone studio and modded a sound on there , lowered bass and treble, guitar is set to treble+little reverb to give just a little twang to suit the song, and yes, it was through the clean channel.


One of my favorites to play on the app. Nice job. Nice guitar!

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