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Love this song. Got the Chords down, now its time to pick up that strumming speed.

Currently on Module 10 and learning Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. I have the app, songbook and learning it from the website and Justin mentions a ‘pop stop’. Can somebody explain what the strumming is for the ‘pop stop’ in this song. Thank you.

In the video Justin strums 4 fast down strums on the last strum
he grabs all the strings with his fretting hand muting all of them
and stops. Thats a pop stop

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That’s wonderful thank you so much. :smiley:

How important or fundamental is the constant strumming technique?
I’m finding it difficult, I’ve been playing ukelele for a year before guitar and I have this particular strumming pattern internalised by playin Vance Joy’s Riptide so I’m having trouble relearning it. It sounds the same to me with my pauses, Vance does the same.
I did a youtube search of Monsters and Men playing this song and it appears Ragnar is putting a pause in, kind of hard to tell at the speed and the camera prefers to follow Nanna around instead :smiley: