LiveStream Award - to honour the Open Mic initiative & efforts of Rossco

Original Forum thread here: LiveStream Award - to honour the Open Mic initiative & efforts of Rossco

Awarded April 03, 2021

Pre-pandemic, Rossco was involved in an open mic group local to him. A few months ago Rossco - Jason - shared video footage of an online live event that his local open mic group hosted on social media. He was inspired and sparked with the idea of creating a smiliar live-stream open mic event for forum community members. This initiative snowballed and culminated in the inaugural JustinGuitar Community Open Mic Night hosted by Jason on Tuesday 23 March 2021.

Jason has always been a positive, welcoming and active member of our forum family. The Open Mic allowed all to know first hand what a warm and charming man he is - acting in his role as host and facilitator.

Bravo Jason - you have created something fine and valuable. :slight_smile:


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To me this goes down as the Initiative of The Decade Award.

It has done so much to bring this community together (at a time when it was truly needed) to a level far more reaching, than just words written on a computer screen. It is truly remarkable to see the spirit of this community, alive and breathing at these events and each one has been a truly special moment. So my heart felt thanks go to Jason for making it possible. Long may it continue. And a special thank you to @DavidP and @adi_mrok who along with Jason have kept the ship on an even keel and to everyone who have not only stepped into the spotlight for the five shows this year but have been there in our online audience giving such wonderful support. :sunglasses:


And in the Community spirit, you are taking care of business for the nect event. That is just how we rock n roll.

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That is an excellent tune by a great Canadian band from the ‘70s! :smiley:


BTO were Canucks ! Well I aint see nothing yet !! :sunglasses: 47 years of ignorance…doh.
Now if Mr P’s in the mood for rockin OM6, there’s your song. :wink:


The reference was not an accident, though I confess I’d not have been able to name the band, Mari :grin:

I tend to throw them in every now and then and always a happy moment when somebody picks up on one.

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A well deserved award Jason. You are a shining star :dizzy: