Living My Dream - Beth aka blyounker

Hi, I’m Beth from Minnesota in the US (where folks think it’s cold and snowy all year long!) and I am so excited to be in a group like this. Sounds silly I know, but I picked up my first guitar 40 years ago in college (for those of you math whizzes, I’ll confirm that makes me 60!) when a good friend let me play hers a bit. Then we lost touch, and I added fake fingernails, which are a rotten combo with guitars. Thanks to COVID I got rid of the nails and told my husband I wanted to learn guitar, and wonderful man that he is, bought me one for Christmas this year. So I’m finally getting to do the thing I’ve wanted to for all those years.


Hi Beth, warm welcome!

Actually a lot of fingerstyle guitarists get fake fingernails on their picking hand to get a similar attack to picks so don’t let it stop you… as long a you’re fine keeping them short on your fretting hand that is :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yay! Welcome aboard!
No time like the present, right?

Send some snow here. Denver is dry, dry, dry and we will be thirsty come spring! Plus the skiing is bad right now.


Hi Beth ! I said welcome elsewhere but great to see you and thanks for the mini bio, good back story. Grab a seat and enjoy the ride !



Glad to see you here Beth and hope you stick around!

Hi Beth, no matter how cold it gets in Minnesota you’ll have a warm welcome from folk who are or have recently been where you are.

Hi Beth. I’m from Scotland where people think it’s cold and wet all year long :joy:.

Welcome to the Community. You’ll get lots of support and advice here to help you on your guitar adventure.

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Welcome to the Community, Beth. Enjoy your guitar journey - lots of great info and resources and encouragement here! As for the snow, well I’m probably not too far from you, just north of the Pigeon River border, and my dad used to tell us that it’s snowed in every month of the year here. I’ve not found any evidence for July so I’m skeptical about 12 mos, but 11 mos is believable! :smiley:

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Welcome, Beth. Now is the best time to live your dream! Looking forward to following your journey.

Welcome Beth. Congratulations on the new guitar. Sit back and enjoy the journey.

Welcome Beth. Nice to see more women joining the forum. I’m in Canada where we still live in Igloos as some people still believe. Oh, Beth, u will eventually need a set of longer nails for fingerstyle.


Warm welcome to the Community, Beth. You’ve come to the right place to make the dreams realities.

Welcome Beth :grinning:

How lovely that you’re picking up on guitar again and that your husband has given you the means to do this.

Hey with the nails, Dolly manages to keep her nails by playing in dropped keys. :nail_care:

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Hi Beth, good time to start especially if your other half is favourable with it!
We don’t have much snow where I am but we do have lots of rain, at the moment there’s a lot of flooding not too far away but we’re lucky to be living a bit too high up to be affected.
Have fun and join in with the community, it’s a great place for the learning path!

Hello and welcome to the community Beth. :slight_smile:

You’ll have to rope hubby in to singing along with your playing.