Locking Tuner Install

Whilst I obviously love my guitar (who doesn’t love their guitar anyway!!) the only thing I had on my wishlist that this didn’t tick was locking tuners so I bought a set of Grover vintage lockers a few weeks ago to go on at my first string change.

Well, a week out from OM IX and I wanted to have a fresh set of Slinky’s on with a chance for a little bedding in time. A very easy job to pop these on and I think they look awesome :slight_smile: The chrome buttons, imo, just look so much nicer than the original black plastic and the convenience of restringing is certainly nice to have. I’m a happy bunny now seeing these on rather than in their box!!

A few before and afters :slight_smile:


Looks good. What’s the whole thing about locking tuners?

Laziness really I suppose Rob! :wink:
Basically there’s a little screw in the post to grip the string once it’s threaded to secure it rather than wrapping them. It did make restringing less of a faff.
I think there’s some claims that it helps hold tune better but I can’t really comment there.

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Ah right I guess that makes sense but you need a screwdriver to change strings?

You won’t get any slippage but then that’s not too hard to avoid anyhow

No screwdriver, just thumb screws on the tuners.

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Those look nice! Locking tuners are something on the wishlist for my SE, but they’re not a priority. I’m sure they’re much easier to work with on string changes (just changed my strings out last week).

Cheers Scott, they are definitely a luxury.
Out of interest what model SE do you have?

SE Custom 24; very similar to yours…she’s a joy to play. :slight_smile:


She’s a beauty! :+1:

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Good job there Mark. Good upgrade, and they look tremendous. Locking tuners are great. Have them on both my electrics.

Cheers, Shane

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Nicely done Mark, that looks loads better than the black plastic. That’s a sweet looking guitar as well.

Cheers Stefan, amazing the difference a small change can make!

Hi Mark,
To be honest I wouldn’t have even noticed if you swapped them without saying,…but now that you point it out to us I want to say…“what idiot at that luthier thought it was a good idea to have black plastic knobs to put on it”???
You did a very good upgrade :sunglasses:

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Yeah funny one isn’t it Rogier! I think the Paul’s Guitar is a little out of step with the rest of the SE range in using vintage style tuners, maybe they just take the cheapest of those because they’re on so few models? Who knows…
Appreciate the compliment :slight_smile:

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I have locking tuners on my Dean Zelinsky Tagliare, but not on my Taylor acoustic. It definitely makes changing strings much easier and faster. It took me a while to learn the trick of changing the #1 string without it constantly slipping back out of the hole when I tried to wind it, and if still rather have locking tuners on the acoustic as well.

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Nice, I have been considering a set of these for my Squier, seems like a pretty affordable and sensible upgrade.

I have noticed my strings going out of tune pretty often so anything that improves the stability is a good thing

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