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My music teacher suggested considering the Rainsong a couple of years back. We have a boat and I can leave a carbon fiber guitar in that environment and not worry about moisture and heat and the cold. I took the plunge late last spring and ordered a custom finish on the 25 year design. The credit card swipe caused me to swallow hard, but I have not regretted a single moment. I had a (relatively) inexpensive carbon fiber model that filled that role and will continue to do so, a Lava Me 2 in white. We have a small car and I wanted to make sure it would fit in the trunk as well. The Rainsong is staying in the house…

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I am trying to learn the features of this forum. I like the easy quote system…


I’m in the Detroit metro area. I am more of a pop music and 80, 90, and 2000’s kind of guy. Clapton Wonderful Tonight was one of the first songs that I managed to get the mid bar chord change to work smoothly. Thanks for the reply and I hope you get more like Clapton and Hendrix every day.

I am really looking forward to it and I will share pictures. I doubt the remodel will be extensive - get rid of two stuffed armchairs, change out pictures (maybe), and add some Ikea shelving units. I’m stuck with three walls being occupied by big windows, a double sided fireplace, and French doors. All are great features, but it does limit the layout.

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Hi Chris welcome. Whatever combination of learning resources works for you is fine. Good you’re playing for small crowds and have been able to jam with another musician. Enjoy your musical instruments

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Hi Chris, welcome to the community.
There’s so much good in your introductory, playing learning, live music and having fun. Keep on enjoying it.