Long time owner, barely played

What’s up everybody, JG here.
I’ve owned a guitar for many years but have barely played.
Can’t remember how I got here (probably a Google search), but hoping this time round I’ll actually continue playing long term.
So far I’ve completed Beginner Grade 1, still struggling to memorize songs, but enjoying it.

See you guys around.


Hi JG,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:


Good to have you here JG. You’ve definitely found the right place!

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Welcome JG, All the best with your journey have fun :slight_smile:

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Hello JG and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Memorising songs becomes easier the more you do it. Stick with it you’ll get there.


Welcome to the forum JG

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Welcome, :wave:

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Hi JG and welcome to the community! Memorization will come with time. Enjoy your guitar journey!

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Hellloooooo from Canada

Hey if you ever want to jam over zoom let me know.

As I might try to put something together.

Have a great day


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You’ll be pleased to know many stop start guitarist or maybe just guitar hoarders turn up here and actually learn to play. Well that was my story after a lost 17 years, hope the same is true for you. Enjoy the ride JG.



Thanks everybody. Loving the vibes here. Have a great day.


Welcome!! I’m new also!:smiley:

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Does that even work? I’ve always understood that it doesn’t, because of latency issues. There’s delay both ways, so you can’t play “together.”


Welcome JG. Glad you’re enjoying yourself.

oh snap! I have never tried but figured I’d give her a go at some point. But yeah, never thought about that issue.

Hi JG, welcome to the community. I had several guitars that I didn’t play for years until I started Justin’s course. You will get better at memorization eventually. I’m at Grade 3 and I just memorized my first songs. The important thing is to enjoy playing guitar. If you have fun, you will play more and eventually get better.

Hi JG, welcome. Good that when you wanted to learn to play guitar you already had it at arm’s reach so you could star right away. It’s a very good progress having finished Grade 1. For me memorizing a song starts trying to remember how the song starts, and how the next verse starts, and so on. One memorized phrase at the time. Have fun.