Longer count in option?

When playing songs in the app, you get a count in, but sometimes this isn’t long enough.

I have to lean forward to touch my iPad screen and press play, then sit back and sometimes have to play a chord immediately. It doesn’t always give me enough time to get comfortable and ready to play.

It would be nice if there was an option to add an extra few seconds to the count in :blush:

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I would appreciate a longer count in too. Glad to see, that I’m not the only one. Touching the display and getting into the right position gets sometimes a bit hectic, because sometimes the app is a bit slow and I have to touch twice and get a second time into position.

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Absolutely agree with this, I don’t feel it’s long enough either.
Also there is the occasional bug where the count in isn’t played at all, I’ve experienced (on iOS)

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Yeah, I agree with this. I find myself setting my first chord then leaning in to press play with my strumming hand.

I’m setting the first chord too, before touching the display with my strumming hand, but have issues to get my strumming arm sometimes fast enough in an optimal position to hold the guitar properly within the 4 beats count in. Just a little more time would help.

Hi Zed, a longer count in would be great and something that has been mentioned on the forum recently a few times.

In order for the suggestion to be considered it needs to be put forward to Musopia see this post for details.

I would presume the more users vote for the feature addition or change the more likely it will be implemented.

@ZedExDM @Helen0609 @snwau @JimmyMitch

Thanks for the constructive suggestion. I shall pass it on to the Team.

Just as a reminder … Musopia is a separate company and the Team meet periodically to discuss the road map, do regularly pass on feedback, but are not directly responsible for how they prioritise requests and further App development.

You can submit Feature requests directly: Feature Request - Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs App

And email feedback directly: justin.feedback@musopia.net