Look out Justin

It seems like guitar teachers are no longer needed, this new… Uh… Guitar… Is the first unlearning aid for experienced players

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Yes, there’s been a lot of videos on this product, including from AndyGuitarGeek, sixstringtv1, EtschP42 and KDH.

There’s been a bit of drama around it because it has been almost universally panned by reviewers. When the manufacturer realised this, they tried to some damage control by issuing an email containing some vague legal threats.

Of course, that came back to bite them when the YouTube reviewers published those emails.



Yeah saw that, I think I could guitar duel Joe bonamasa if he was playing one of those…


Rarely am I lost for words but… seriously?

The only possible use for this abomination is as a kind of Darwin Award filter for the guitar community.

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I saw that video and I wondered what product he was going on about.

Thanks for the share @RobDickinson I now know what Andy was talking about and it does seem like a pretty bad product.

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Regardless of the quality of the “instrument”, and it is absolutely horrendous, how is it actually meant to help you learn?!

Some of those tones were right out of 8 bit era computer games :rofl:


How can they even call this a “Guitar”?

Like the person said in the video “if this was being advertised as a kids toy and $150 then it would be fine but it’s not”.

I have seen a few of what I can only assume is a midi device of some kind. I would think that, if my goal was to make music using midi, I would choose something with a more user friendly interface that a mock up guitar. Like a keypad, keyboard or tap pad.

I can’t imagine what anyone would want a midi guitar. Jamstik already makes one.