Looking for an electric

Hey community :wave:t5:! I have been playing guitar for about 6 months. I was recently injured at work and now have the time to devote to learning that I wanted. While the time is a win I don’t have the finance for an electric ( even a $76 strat type from Amazon is out of my reach). If anyone could forward me an electric I would do the same once my situation is resolved.
Thanks in advance and have a beautiful day everyone!
Central Illinois USA

I mean sure, you can always ask…

Might help if you let people know the country/town etc.

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Ahh, sorry I’m in Central Illinois. USA :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks for the link Ray! Unfortunately, things are really tight at the moment due to injury and I can’t afford to purchase one of these. That’s why I was hoping for a blessing of someone else’s unused guitar. I plan to keep at it and know something will work out.
🫶🏾 Geo

@Geo69 have you seen this?:

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Thanks so much!! I just applied. Fingers crossed!

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