Looking for Info on 1998 Mexican Strat

Hi there, looking for a second guitar to get out of a practice rut and I came across this FB Marketplace post on a 1998 Mexican Fender Stratocaster:

I don’t know much about this guitar, and there’s no serial number in the photos that I can see. Does anyone know if these models came in natural finishes?

Thanks in advance.

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Wow I don’t know I hade a 98 strat mim that was in red but my body was like that body and there should be a number on back of headstock.

I found this on the internet

Looking up on internet fender did make the natural ash in 98 .

Yep, just found a video on YT of someone playing a '98 with clear finish (it’s a deluxe model though).

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It’s funny though. I have been watching Justin’s “Rutbusters” videos and there is no mention of buying a new guitar as one of the methods. Maybe he needs to add another video to the series. :wink:

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Ha!! I hadn’t seen that one. I was referring to this series.

Right. Can’t wait for my next rut so I can pull out the credit card. What will it be… a new guitar or a new amp? :grin:


I can’t help with your question Jordan. But I sure do hope getting that new guitar works out for you.
I love any natural finish guitar. They just look too cool to me.
Something that looks that great surely would get anyone out of any rut imho. :wink: