Looking for interviewees for Justin Guitar App case study

Hey everyone! My name is Dom and I am currently learning about UX Design. I have been using this site for a few years now and was able to get a year subscription to the app for Christmas. Now as I am working to build my UX portfolio, I thought Justin’s app would be the perfect product to dive into. I am looking for some players that are willing to take 30 min to an hour discussing their experience with the app. If you interested and fit any of the following categories, shoot a reply:

  • Frequent user (4 times or more weekly)
  • Infrequent user (1-2 times weekly)
  • Only use app for play along
  • Only use app for practice mode
  • Use app for practice + play along
  • Use a competitor app
    *Tried app, but prefers site

Hey Dominique,

I think that is an interesting exercise.

Given you have posted this up in the Community, I think it would be appropriate to drop the Justin team a note to make them aware, since you are engaging with this Community. It may indeed be an exercise that produces results the team may be interested in. You can email them here: hello@justinguitar

@Richard_close2u @LievenDV @larynejg what do you think?



Agreed 100%

As a courtesy, I think Dominique @domzozo should communicate with Justin and the team to ask permission to go ahead and to explain the rationale and purpose.


Looping @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team as well

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Hi David! Thank you for your response. I completely understand and will send the team an email asap. I appreciate the support!

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Hey there!

I’m Fanny, Justin’s assistant. :slight_smile:

We reached out to the app developer (Musopia) about your case study, and they’re aware and totally fine with giving permission to your research project! If you’d like to share your findings with us, please email us at hello@justinguitar.

Best of luck building your UX portfolio!

Fanny :slight_smile:

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@Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team Thanks Fanny!!

@domzozo Good luck, Dominique, keep us posted!!

Hi Fanny,

Thank you for the update! That’s awesome news! I hope you have a wonderful week.