Looking for jam buddies in and around Antwerp

Well, the subject says it all.

I’ve been playing for some time now, started music academy last year (succeeded in my first year, second coming up this september) and i’m looking for jam buddies in and around Antwerp.

So if you want to meet up, let me know!

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hi there.

I moved recently to gent an I am also looking for someone to jam with. Antwerp is about too far. sadly :frowning: it would have been wonderful to meet up.

tell me about your music academy. what exactly is it, I am curious.


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The academy i’m currently attending is this one: Gemeentelijke Academie Muziek & Woord Boom
I’m quite happy going there. This is my second year now and it’s been great so far. It’s something that was sorely needed, as a computer doesn’t give you the feedback you need, when you’re doing something wrong.

And yep, Gent and Antwerp are bit too far away to go jamming. I totally understand that. No problem.

Hi Gryt,
Still looking for a jam buddy in Antwerp?
I live in Deurne, and looking for someone to jam and make music with.

I love, folk, blues, fingerstyle, but am always open to learn something new.

Hello Sebastian.

My apologies for responding so late. (i’ve been busy).
A jam buddy you say? Yep, still looking, although the focus has shifted somewhat since my last posting here.
Currently i’m ending my 2nd year in our local music academy, ready to start the 3rd. (providing i pass my exam, that is).
And i must say that things are getting interesting. This however has the downside that i need time to practice. This is not available in big quantities, i’m sorry to say.
So yeah, on the one hand it would be a broadening of my horizon, but on the other hand i’m asking myself the question… When?
I’ll look deeper into the matter after my final exam. (which will be this week).

Hi Gryt,

No worries about the late response. It are busy times :slight_smile:
First of all good luck with your exam.

Hopefully you can find some spare time to get together and play.
(It doesn’t have to be weekly or fixed, it can be whenever)
Let me know when you’ve been able to look into to it.

Talk soon