Looking for jam buddies in Paris

Looking for jam buddies in Paris

Hi all of you :wave: I started the justin way during the first lockdown and it’s more than time to start jamming more often for me.

I live in Paris (in the center area) and I’d love to play with real people. So if there is any of you who live in Paris and who are willing to jam (improvisation or just singing a few songs) we should meet up!

Guitar skill-wise I’m at the end of grade 4 but I’m pretty sure we can have fun even if there is a 1-2 grade discrepancy.

I’ll love to meet and play live guitar with you!

Valentin Lecoq-Vallon

I speak French and English.

Have a good one! :guitar:


There are certainly some new and old members in the Paris area, so hopefully someone will reach out. @Cagn is an experienced playee but has been fairly quiet here after an apartement move earlier in the year.

Mais vache ! I am out in Normandie unfortunately !



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Makes me want to visit Paris, I love that town!

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