Looking for jam buddy in eastern Switzerland

Hi everybody
I’m 59 years old and started my guitar journey two years ago. In the meantime, I have more or less completed Grade 2 of Justin’s course and started to take a peek into Grade 3. Until now, I have worked on various Grade 1 and 2 songs from Justin’s App, some Mani Matter songs (Eskimo, Si hei dr Wilhelm Tell ufgfüert), Chocolate Jesus (that’s a recording from November 22), etc. Mostly, I play on an acoustic guitar, but I’ve also an electric for variety :wink:.
Now, I wonder whether there are people in the JustinGuitar Community who also live in the eastern part of Switzerland (St. Gallen region) and who would be interested to jam every now and then with me.
If yes, please get in touch - would be great :grinning:



Just watched your accopaniment for Chocolate Jesus; really steady rhythm and quite a confident performance. I’m a long way from Switzerland, cheering you on from Yorkshire.


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I am in the same spot in the classes. If you are ever in Arizona, USA, I would love to get togeather. I will do the same on my next trip to Chamonix and surrounding mountains. Maybe I can swing north and hit you up.


It is rather unlikely for me to be in Arizona. I try to avoid flying to reduce environmental impact. However, should you be in Switzerland some time, just let me know. In the meantime, have fun practising :guitar:

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Hi Ursula and welcome to the Community :smiley:
St. Gallen, eh? I believe that may have been founded by my fellow Irishman Gallus?
My brother studied a year post-grad at the HSG and I worked for a summer at the Kantonsspital as a cleaning lady (don’t ask :roll_eyes: :rofl:)
Love me a bit of Mani Matter (Zuri West & Stiller Has too)
Would live to jam, but unfortunately too far away, like most.
Enjoy your journey :smiley:

Hi Brian
Yes, indeed, St. Gallen was founded by Gallus, the Irish monk :slightly_smiling_face:. And yes, I realized already that you like Mani Matter etc. I have a couple of Mani Matter songs in my repertoire (Eskimo, si hei dr Wilhelm Tell ufgfüert), but have not yet had a go at Züri West and Stiller Has (I like them as well).
Because the JustinGuitar community is very international, I realistically have little hope of finding here someone nearby for jam sessions. But who knows, maybe someone will come along after all - wish me luck.