Looking for Jamming partners in Westchester County NY

Hi Everyone! Looking for someone or someones (that’s a word right?) to jam in Westchester County NY. I know the basic open chords and e shaped bar chords. Getting a little boring playing to my phone so curious if there are people around looking to do this. Thanks!

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Wish I was in the area, but I’m not :frowning: I’m in Detroit.
However, if you want someone to help you keep excited, engaged, and accountable, then I can be your buddy. I’m looking for someone like that. I’m also a beginner. My goals are around singing and playing and writing original songs.

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Yeah man! Trying to keep things interesting for sure. Not sure I’m good enough to keep up with you lol. Here’s a video of me playing Have You Ever Seen the Rain. If that doesn’t scare you let me know! lol Have You Ever Seen the Rain - Accoustic - YouTube

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You definitely got the 1 up on me with regards to guitar skills. I just working on my C, A, and D chords with different strumming patterns and singing. Here is a lyric video with me playing and singing my hit single “I crashed upon a riverbank”

Here is my playing the guitar, not so well :slight_smile:

I’ll DM you and we can take a look at being guitar buddies.

Hey! Still playing? I’m in Somers here, would love to jam together.