Looking For Opinions On Taylor 212ce

Hi All,

I have been looking at smaller style guitars (I have a Dread0).

I was inspired recently by @judi in the thread on smaller guitars so took myself off to talk to the local music shop and have a look.

I was thinking along the lines of Cole Clark, Maton or Martin.

The guy helping showed me a Taylor 212ce and I have to say it felt really good to hold and although smaller produced a really nice bright but not tinny sound.

So my question is can anyone offer any thoughts or experience with Taylor guitars in general or even the 212 size (Grand Concert).

I think they had it priced at AU$1,300.

Thanks in advance :+1:

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First, let me say that $1300 seems like a very good price for the 212ce. Just checking around and they seem to be around A$1500 - A$1800 here.

I have a Taylor GS mini and I am a fan of Taylor guitars in general. I appreciate the work Bob Taylor is doing in trying to preserve endangered timbers. They are one of the big names in acoustic guitars so you have good potential to resell if you move on to something more upmarket.

So, if you like the guitar I don’t think you can go wrong with buying it.

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When I needed an acoustic guitar to take to lessons, a friend loaned me a Martin Dread. I dreaded using it every time I picked it up. I subsequently purchased my Taylor 214 CE. It’s been perfect. If it fits me, I believe it would fit almost anyone. The Grand Concert you’re looking at is even smaller. Have you tried playing the 214? I would like to have the 914, but it is slightly more expensive.

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I think Taylors are quality instruments, but I find that they tend to sound too bright for my taste. I prefer a warmer, woodier tone. Everyone has their own preferences, of course.

My advice is to compare the Taylor with guitars from the other brands you had in mind. Take your time. Play and listen. Go with your ear and what you like. Choose the guitar that makes you want to pick it up and play it.

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@CD02 Hi Craig, Taylors, especially the Grand Concert size, are on definitely my list. I haven’t played that exact one, but in general I love the playability of Taylors, especially the neck! In general they are a bit bright for my taste, which is the only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger. As Jason said though, we each have our own preferences. Keep us posted!

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I’m hoping to try out a 212 as well, just to see what it’s like. I used to own a 214 and thought it was an excellent guitar. So I expect the 212 to be excellent as well. I like smaller bodied guitars nowadays for comfort and thought the 214 felt too big. Just my preference, though. For what it’s worth, my guitar now is a Taylor AD22 which has a concert body, pretty much the same size as the 212.

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Thanks for the feedback, great info and Jason @J.W.C definitely going to do exactly that, try a few brands of the sizes I’m looking at.

@oztelemann thanks Alan, after reading your comment I jumped on the phone to get them to check their system :face_with_diagonal_mouth: the guy I spoke to said there must have a mistake as their 212ce is currently listed $1,950 down from $2,150 :pensive: damn, I was about to jump in the car :rofl:. I’ll need to really love it to go to $2k.

Again, great comments everyone, I’ll be checking out the 214 too but at least feel happy with Taylor as a brand :+1:

Yeah… I would have snapped it up myself at that price! :smile:

Oh, and watch this if you haven’t seen it already.


My acoustic is an entry level Taylor Academy 10 and even though it’s one of the cheapest guitars they make it still feels like a quality instrument. I’ve had mine for just over a year and have no regrets buying it versus a cheaper model from a different brand. If some day I’m feeling flush and going to buy another acoustic, I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t another Taylor. I’m sure I could be equally happy with other brands but I’d have no qualms recommending Taylor to anyone


Matt - I tried out an Academy model as well and nearly took it home, I think it was the A12 (steel string concert body?). I was surprised how good it felt and sounded. I may still pick up the nylon string model at some point.

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This is a terrific video. Glad you posted it. I’m not saying Taylor guitars are the best, but they in all likelihood have the best CEO and the most comfortable, playable guitar necks. Just two reasons to give their products consideration.

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Curious what guitar you ended up choosing! :slightly_smiling_face:

Haven’t made that decision yet Kurt. I live country so the guitar shops are about a 3hr round trip, my plan is to take a list of candidate guitars then go in and try them all out but will need some time for that so it’s on the to do list😀