Looking for Song - King of the Road by Roger Miller

I found a tab online for King of the Road by Roger Miller and it primarily uses A, D, E with a capo on the first fret and then does a key change for the second half from A to Bb. Anyway, I was wondering if this song is included in any of Justin’s other song books. I didn’t see it in the one I have - The JustinGuitar Easy Guitar Songbook: 101 Awesome Easy Songs You Can Play…


I’d like to find and play that one too (someday :crossed_fingers:). My husband sings that quite well and that would be fun :star_struck:

I am fairly sure it does not appear in any of his books.

Cheers :blush:
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That was one of my dad’s favorite songs. Singing it brings back fond memories. I plan to work on it as one of the songs in my list.

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I added it to the song requests. If you vote for it, there will be two votes! Maybe it will pop up in ten years or so :grin:

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It used to be in the old version of the songs app that you could play along to. I’d love if it was brought back.