Looking Forwards To Blues Immersion Course

This is me “Just Chatting”. So in addition to trying to learn guitar I am also a prolific cyclist, I very much enjoy getting out and about around my home town to Kendal, Cumbria. However, mid April I had a very bad accident and ended up with broken spine in two places several broken ribs and a badly damaged shoulder. This as you can imagine put paid to any guitar practice and now I can see that both of my hobbies are going to suffer and deteriorate.

But on a bright note, after 5 weeks, I am improving and I can now pick up a guitar and start getting in some basic practice again and I am also pleased to see that I will be able to start getting to grips with the upcoming new Blues Immersion course.

It’s nice to have something to look forward to and I know it’ll cheer me up. So I’ll hopefully be getting more involved.

So Stay Safe and have Fun everyone.


Hey Don,

Very sorry to hear about your injuries. Pretty severe mate. Must be a difficult time.
Hope you continue on the up and overcome your issues.
As you said , the Blues Immersion course will certainly keep you engaged. As a fellow Blues lover, I’m sure the course will be be top notch, and with that unique Justin flavour.

All the best.
Cheers, Shane


so sorry about your accident and injuries Don :mending_heart: :tulip:
Hope you continue to improve and heal quickly
The Blues Immersion course does sound like it would be amazing :guitar:


Best wishes for a thorough recovery Don.
In anticipation of the Blues Immersion course I’m sure you are already watching the blues related lessons that Justin had created so far. These may help, too, to cheer you up.

All the best!


I am very sorry to hear about your injuries, Don. I wish you a full recovery and I am looking forward to sharing the classroom with you in the upcoming Blues immersion course. :slight_smile:

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Hello Don :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m very sorry to read about your accident and injuries, but it is great that you are improving already and can pick up your guitar again.
And with the Blues course you surely have something to look forward to (we all have :wink:).

Wishing you the very best for your recovery :sunflower: and have lots of fun on your musical journey :notes: :guitar:

All the very best from Germany
Gunhild :lady_beetle:


Wishing you a speedy recovery

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Hi Don welcome to community, sorry to hear about your accident I hope you recover soon.

I live quite close to you I am from Morecambe, Lancashire UK, maybe in the future we could jam together.

I am also interested in the blues, I’m off now to check out the blues immersion course you mentioned, sounds interesting.

All the best

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Hi Chris, Thanks for your kind words. I loved cycling down to Morecambe and I used to take a selfie with Eric on the prom just for a laugh :grinning:.
Blues Immersion looks Brill and it will be nice to see the Group community in any classroom that forms.
Good Luck and who knows one day we may end up busking on your prom :rofl:.

Hi Don, wishing you a speedy recovery. I am also putting a lot of hopes in this blues immersion course. I can’t wait to see a preview and the price.

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I’ve had a look for thr immersion course and as yet couldn’t find it, does anyone know where to find it please?

From the latest newsletter :

Speaking of which, we are all super excited to announce that the enrollment dates for Blues Immersion will be between June 4 and 11! The course will run from July 1 to late December! Plus, there is a preparation module for students to get started on as soon as they enroll.

We’ve been getting tons of questions about Blues Immersion and spots will be limited—if you want to keep up with the latest news, please join the waiting list. The email list will get first dibs on enrollment and access to a special early bird discount. It’s a course more expensive than what I usually do, but it’s also the more complex and immersive experience I’ve ever done. :slight_smile: We’ll be announcing more about it in the upcoming weeks!

Thank you for the help I found the link for enrolment, I have now signed up, looking forward to the course starting.

Most of our questions are now answered in the FAQ https://www.justinguitar.com/faq/blues-immersion/

500$ USD. Ouch ! The canadian dollars is not making me any favor, it almost adds an extra 200$ on top of it. :exploding_head:

I saw this in the newsletter and got excited about it. But then realized that I’m at such a beginner level that I’m not really ready to start working on any particular styles of playing yet. Then I got sad because this doesn’t really look like the sort of thing that is going to be available as a recording later on.