Looper pedal suggestion


I am looking for some advice on choosing a beginner friendly Looper pedal for bedroom practice and playing around.

I have considered the following options:
Boss RC-1,

TC electronics ditto +

Electro Harmonix 360 NANO

They all fit in my budget, so what do you rate them in terms of ease of use and features? anyone have experience with them?

i bought the ditto x2 as I read a number of reviews of single button loopers that said starting and stopping a loop with only one button was tricky. I expected to still struggle with the timing of my start and stop and was pleasantly surprised when i quickly go the hang of it with a two button looper like the x2.


Sean, I have the basic Ditto with one button. It works well, the playback sounds good. The use of the button took a little getting used to but I wouldn’t say having the single button is a reason not to go for the simple version. But if budget no issue then the second button does make it a little simpler. Biggest challenge remains being able to play smoothly and start and stop recording right on the beat … at least that’s my challenge :laughing:

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Looks a good shortlist and am sure you’d get on with whichever you choose. I looked at those brands as well and similar pedals. In the end I went with an older version of the ditto stereo more due to availability and I am happy with it and am sure I would have been happy with Ditto+ (or either of the other two) if they had been available.

Depending on your sense of rhythm/ timing - the visual indicator may help count beats / bars and help you know you are approaching the end of the loop but after a while you will know the length of the loop and when to come in.

Depending on what other pedals you are already used to - it’s personal choice on the boss style larger pedal button vs the round clicker buttons. As David mentioned - separate stop / start buttons are nice but is still fine with just one.

One thing I found has helped me is I watch a lot of musicians play looping style music on live stream (twitch) or on YouTube so you get used to the feel of the loop. Another thing I found helped me learning was to start with a simple / obvious first loop with an emphasis on beat one of each bar (or other way to signpost where I am).



Out of those 3, I’d choose the Ditto. However, you may want to consider an upgrade to a looper with drum sounds. My favorite is the Boss RC-5. You can dial in the bpm you want and use the built-in drum machine as a metronome (which is what I do).

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I have and like the Boss RC-1. I haven’t tried the others on your list. Some reviewers do recommend the RC-5 over the RC-1 if its fits in your budget… more effects etc.

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Hey! So I just bought the Boss RC-30 and its way WORTH IT! Its a little more expensive but way worth it! It wont disappoint. Heres a cover me using it… Knocking on heavens door. Knocking On Heavens Door Loop Cover - YouTube

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