Looping a portion of a song for practice

Any recommendation for an iOs app you like that will loop a portion of a song?

Before posting here I googled and learned you can sometimes do it in YouTube if clipping is enabled. This seems to be limited to one minute. Also a guy has a web page that lets you enter a YouTube ID and loop a segment of the video from his site: https://www.looptube.xyz/

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Music Speed Changer is probably the handiest app Ive used for this, plus slowing down parts etc. Very simple, slick app, no bugs. Still use is regularly, on Android.
Highly recommend a look.

Cheers, Shane

You can create a loop in Garageband.

Chord ai is the best one I’ve found for my iPad. The free version supports looping.

I use the VLC video player to loop downloaded videos and change their speed.

And recently I’ve seen a video about a browser plugin which allows that + modifying the pitch of the videos called Transpose

@sclay @CT @Tbushell @metalbrain late thanks. Will probably try all of them.

Forgot to mention Anytune. Probably gives you the most control over loop points, and loops seamlessly.

Somewhat complicated to use, however.

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For looping videos I use FiveLoop app - it is built for guitarist wanting to practice using videos. So it support slowing down as well. Looping can even be controlled using a midi footpedal (I do not use this feature though)