Loopy pro

Has anyone used this app loopy pro ? It seems like a good looper app but advertisements can make anything look good.

What kind of stuff were you wanting to use it for?

In a moment of enthusiasm I’d downloaded both Loopy HD and Loopz without any subscriptions on my phone but then realised that I’d need a bluetooth foot pedal to be able to to manage the starts/stops/over dubbing when playing guitar.

Beyond the guitar, I’d also like the ability to be able to add vocals to loops but I am currently in the process of trying to work out necessary wires and microphone to connect that to the Donner Circle pedal looper that I already own.

So I’m not really the best person to ask other than to say the initial saving of not buying a pedal looper may be offset by needing to buy a foot pedal if you don’t already own one.

I’d also be interested to hear of others experience of actually using the software and what the pros and cons maybe be over a traditional looper pedal. The impression I’ve got is that the apps perhaps lean more towards music production rather than live music jamming?

My limited impression is that looper apps would be ok for some simple processes, like setting up your own backing track to play with. They have less immediate interfaces, so trying to actually bring in loops or layers at the right time would be hard. Maybe with a BT foot pedal, but they often have a little lag, a wired one may work, but as you say, then is it worth it at all?

I found this and it seems to be a lot you can do with this.

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The loop detection feature looks interesting - it completely bypasses needing a foot pedal. Can’t decide whether that’s a good or bad thing that I could not need to resolve my suspect timing on pedals?! Seriously though I’m quite impressed with how much you can customise on Loopy Pro. There’s even a discord community around it. Thanks for sharing the video.