Lost section on front page

Has a section from the front page disappeared from the front page? It had the “what are you listening to” section in there but that section is now not showing on my front page.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Stefan, some re-categorising was done and I see that is now here: 🗨 Just Chatting - JustinGuitar Community in the Community Hub

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Hi Stefan,
Have you gotten a bit lazy and is scrolling back 3 days a lot of effort? :smirk::grin: or just search via the search icon at the top,…or is there something wrong with your equipment? everything is easy to find here :wink:
Good luck,…

Edit…Or what David says :grin:,…So you look in a different way, apparently, :blush:


@DavidP Thanks David. That’s the one.

@roger_holland I’m just lazy, Rogier. :smiley:

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@DavidP where did the other sub categories in the Social section get moved to?

@stitch I think they were all merged into a single sub-category, Rick, inroder to simplify things.

@Richard_close2u please confirm, Richard.

Thanks David. This would be a good thing the sub category sections are getting out of hand. I noticed the uncategorized is now General that also makes more sence.

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@stitch Thanks Rick. We’ll keep observing, reflecting and fine-tuning as we go, trying our best to ensure a good user experience.


Hi all … yes, it’s a little spring cleaning … not quite finished, announcement pending soon. If in doubt ask or search.



Hmm, :thinking:, does this have to do with Feb 1st, or am I reading to much into that. Lol