Louna - Homeland (cover)

Hello everyone.
I’m sorry I haven’t looked here for a long time. I think I missed a lot of new music that you posted. But I’ve been in shock for a whole month. People are dying because of my country.
When I started doing this cover, Mike agreed to support me with his guitar. I replaced some lines of lyrics with my own. Toby helped me polish some words again, thank you so much! Buddy,
you could work as an English language teacher remotely)

I made a minus pretty quickly, but then I didn’t start singing for a long time, I was afraid to even try, I thought my voice was gone. But it turned out that everything was fine.
Then Mike did not send his solo track for a long time, saying that the muse did not visit him. I understood and didn’t rush him. And when he finally sent me a solo, I was just shocked.

It turns out that in the last chorus he came up with his completely original solo, which is not in the original version (starts at 2:40). And what a solo! He said more with his guitar than I said with words. Thank you, Mikestro!

The history of the 20th century teaches us: Evil will never stop by itself, in any case someone will have to stop it. Now my compatriots are outcasts for the whole world for many years and even decades. And we lost our homeland - that’s what this song is about. It’s scary to think about the present, and the future has been stolen from us.
But I really hope that democratic countries will finally unite and find the strength to stop Evil before the apocalypse comes
P.S. This post is not about politics, it’s about life itself. The image - Kyiv now.


Night and moon, where I lie
Ocean tide’s salty foam
Feel the sand underneath
Southern Cross in the sky
I am traveling home

Hear it, mama, breaking crash of the waves?
See it, mama, tempest rising with rage?
Help me, mama, fall asleep to escape
Where my homeland remains
Once did lamps light these halls
Frontiers closed for all
Now potholes fill the roads
Dilapidated walls erode
I am traveling home

Hear it, mama, winter whisper «too late»?
See it, mama, riots laying all to waste?
Help me, mama, fall asleep to escape
Where my homeland remains

Hear it mama, growing voice of the crowds?
See it, mama, tempest rising with rage?
Help me, mama, find the strength in myself
Return my homeland again
Where’s my homeland remain?
(I remember my home)
Where’s my homeland remain?
(I remember my home)


With you brother.
Glad to have been able to help.
Better than I ever imagined, words not enough.

Good to hear from you again Leo, with you 100%! I
Wow, what a performance again! Just amazing, and Mike never fail to please. What a great solo, fabulous!
Politics has no place with music, music has no boundaries; what people have no control over doesn’t make them the same as the ones who are in control!


Hi Guys,
@crocodile1 - I feel you pain friend… Some are bent on evil and hopefully there will be a fitting end…

Wow, you got a tone on the drums that is just fantastic. Good job on those. Maybe you could share some on how you pulled it off?

@MikeSebastianP - Just super guitar work mate! I really enjoyed your play and the skills that were truly on display.

The mix is really good and all other elements of the song are top notch stuff. Keep up the vibes boys as this is as good as ever!

Great Rock’n,

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Powerful stuff! Very moving. You’ve hit my raw nerves, as I think about the human toll. War changes lives, homes, hometowns, homelands. Heartbreaking and shameful. Your artistry painted the appropriate picture. Well done.

Leo and Mike, another superb share. Performances and production top class, a powerful song.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Another fine production from you guys, always a pleasure to listen to such a high quality music. Always impressed how clean those notes are when Mike is shredding, something to aspire to one day perhaps! Well done lads!

Very powerful and poignant Leo and some superb playing from Mike. A great production as well.

I am speachless!!
Cant belive how skilled you guys are.
Pure art🔥

Super stuff guys. Professional standard as always!

Really amazing. Epic. Album quality. Can’t believe it’s a cover as well.

thanks a lot, guys!
Maybe I should apologize for the excessive emotions in my post.
As for music, Mike and I are ordinary amateurs, we just love to do it and try to find more time for it.
LBro, I’m answering your question about drums. This is Addictive Drums 2x64, and this time the kit is:
Toms 1-4: Ludwig Classic Maple (10x8", 12x8", 13x9", 16x16")
CYM: Crush 18" Zildjan K Dark Thin
Kick: Kick Linn Drum
Snare: Snare909
FLEXI 3: 10x8" Ludwig Classic Maple
HH: 14"Sabian AAX Studio Hats
May be it will be useful for you.
Keep on rocking,

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No need to apologise Leo, emotions are running high because of what is happening at the moment.

Thanks so much for sharing on the drums in great detail! They sound really good to me. As does everything. But these drums & the kit really stand out. Questions for you. Are the drum sounds pretty much Addictive Drums? Or have you put a lot of Fx on them to get that sound out of them?

Keep rock’n and thanks!

thanks again for your feedback.
I applied some equalizer and volume, especially on kick and snare/flexi.
There were no additional effects.