Louna - The Poles - cover

Hello everyone,
With this cover I want to complete a short series of three songs in Russian. English translation is attached.
There is no electric guitar, only acoustics and bass guitar, so I didn’t ask Mike to help me.
At the very end, I allowed myself to include a piece of the original song from Louna’s live concert, since the key is the same. And yes, their amazing vocalist Lou is a girl (my hat’s off)!
Keep on rocking,

The Poles

  1. Once all of us were particles of the whole world,
    And then we have divided all the concepts into black and white so
    Once we were grains of eternity
    And then we decided to go to the end, to our poles.
  2. The law of attraction no longer applies here,
    Now plus and minus cause rejection and burning.
    The compass is broken, navigation control is lost,
    Everyone is looking for their course and their location
    On the diagram of winds… winds…
    North and South spin
    Like a sultry blizzard,
    The breeze carries sand
    To the West and East… East…East…
  3. We reap the fruits that we planted ourselves,
    We are against those who are against us because we are not with
    We die from those bullets that we sold ourselves,
    And we are surprised at what is happening to us.
  4. We open our souls to faith, closing our mind,
    We are swarming on the shoals of our barren thoughts,
    We broaden our horizons in the prison of our rooms
    And we don’t see a large and diverse world outside the window…
    … World…
    North and South spin
    Like a sultry blizzard,
    The breeze carries sand
    To the West and East.
    Our poles are
    In the spokes of this wheel,
    And in the center
    Of all the worlds
    There is the diagram
    Of their winds… winds… winds…

Lovely. I enjoyed it; thanks for sharing!

Lovely arrangement, Leo, everything sounds just right.

We are blessed to have you dropping in to share these productions and to support our own efforts to keep learning, developing.

That was great Leo, interesting to listen to songs familiar to local communities only. Sounded fab to me, I enjoyed the addition of live concert at the end, really nicely chuffed into your cover. Great stuff to me as a Pole! :grinning:

Привет! Как дела? Я американец, но я изучаю русский язык.

That was lovely Leo, really well played, sung and produced - excellent!

Wow I love this… smooth and lovely vocals, you can play and sing … that’s where I want to get. You inspire me to keep going.

Leo, that was superb. Excellent playing and singing and a nice production as well.

Thanks for sharing the lyrics, it’s always good to know what people are singing.

That was lovely Leo I really enjoyed it. Playing, singing and production all spot on.

Thank you Jason!
Great you like it.

J.W.C., DavidP., adi_mrok, gregoryagu, DarrellW, SandyMusic, SgtColon, sairfingers,
many thanks to everyone who took the time and wrote wonderful comments.
Well, let’s move on :slightly_smiling_face:
I wish you all further success in music, friends!


Thought this was great even though i dont understand lol! Thanks for posting the lyrics! Good job!

can I not post lyrics for the convenience of community members? I always do this, even when the song is in English. My accent, you know… :wink:

This is a good thing, although not an easy one :slightly_smiling_face:
Good luck!

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Of course! I was just saying im happy you did!

Leo what a powerful piece of music. You’ve excelled yourself here. The first 55 seconds grabbed me and took me to the barren place you sing about. You’ve used your instruments and effects in such a clever way. The threatening, foreboding bass, the insistent drums and YOUR VOICE.

I didn’t look at the lyrics until the third listening. It was no surprise to me that the images I saw and the feelings that washed over me were described exactly in the lyrics you gave us. Leo your voice IS the pathos, the desolation, despair, grit, angst. The tones, textures and colours of your voice paint a powerful picture. Singing in Russian makes it even more powerful for me.

I can’t say enough good words about this superb piece of music you’ve given us.


I love your voice and the way you use it Leo, don’t change a thing. It’s part of the magic.

PS Thanks for introducing this artist. I’ve subscribed to her channel.

Hey Leo, that was great :smiley:

I love foreign language songs, esp. when I can understand even just bits of it (unfortunately, not the case with Russian :slightly_frowning_face:)

I usually think of you posting a collaboration with Mike and everybody drooling over Mikes flashy guitar work and admiration for the overall production.
Mike better watch out, as this demonstrates your ability to provide the whole shiny package yourself :sunglasses:
Rock on dude!

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Leo, totally top shelf, as usual; great playing, vox and production. Thanks for posting the lyrics; they are so poignant. Really moved by this one.

Hi Leo,
Wow, great job on this, as I really enjoyed it! I will see if I can get my Russian wife take this in. I think she might enjoy it as much as I did. I like your vocals and play. Keep up the good work in song and music. It was a great production and nicely mixed too.

All the rocking best and keep up the vibe!