Louna - The Silence Of The Lambs (cover)

Hello all,
It’s great to post new cover from Mike and me here in our new home!
This is a cover of a song by the powerful Russian band Louna, released quite recently, this year. There, on the Sound Cloud, I placed lyrics translation in English. I think the meaning remained clear.
Please excuse us for this publication, because Christmas is coming and everyone needs to have fun, but here we are with this song…
But we had to do it.
Mike played all the guitars, as usual.
Keep moving!


@crocodile1 Leo and Mike what a great opening to your place on the performance stage in the Community. I’m glad you’ve joined us, your music is always so good. This recording has your excellence in voice, instruments, mix and production.

I’m glad you’re here men :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

Top job guys, great way to debut on a new Community platform! Solid performance, quite a catchy tune and quality was really spectacular of the whole track. Keep em coming!

Hi Leo and Mike.
Crashing through the new doors and rocking the house already!
Great stuff.

Not my type of music but I can appreciate the heavy metal vibe, musicianship and production that’s gone into this.
Well done Leo and Mike, a terrific entrance to the new Community.

Nicely done guys. Really enjoyed it for the most part. A little different to my ears. Well played, sung and produced! Good stuff for sure!

Keep up the rock!

Great stuff Leo and Mike, great entry to the new place!

Bravo guys, a tip top production as always … the playing, singing, mix, production all first class.

The new house feels more and more like home.

Thank you so much, lady and gentlemen! :wink:
It’s great to read warm comments here in the new community.
Let this party gain momentum and make us all happy!

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Leo & Mike, very good work. I don’t naturally gravitate to this kind of music but I pay attention when I come across it in AVOYP. I was very taken with the lyrics. The English translation. They fitted the heavy mood of the music very well for me. I’m completely hopeless as far as music production goes but your recording sounds very well mixed. I hear different things going on and your voice, which is always great, sits nicely in there. I could go on but chores to do! Thanks!
P.S. I can’t get political but the lyrics resonated with me hugely.

Thank you, John!
I’m happy you took your time, even though it’s not your favorite style of music.
And yes, no politics. This song is about basic universal human rights and about the fact that so many crimes are committed because of the tacit consent of most people.
Thanks again!
Keep on rockin’ and all the best,

The undeniable sounds of Leo and Mike; I’d recognize it anywhere. While this isn’t necessarily the type of music I listen to, the production and musicianship is just over the top and great to listen to. Love the vox, Leo; and Mike, your guitar play is just on another level for sure.

Dave, thank you for the warm comment!
It’s always nice to read this from a person who can do a lot in music himself.
All the best and keep on rocking!


Don’t believe I missed this ! Finding the new AOVYP hard to keep in top of ! There are post here I have not read but don’t show in my Unread list. So today I decided to jump down the well and see what at the bottom and found this absolutely beauty.

You guys have done another amazing job and true kick ass rock track.

The Croc Rocs (I just need to find a graphic for the wizard Mr Sebastien !

OK that will do nicely :sunglasses:

MileSeb The Wizard

Thank you, my friend, for the kind words!
It doesn’t matter how quickly we get used to the new community. In any case, it will take some time from each of us.
Btw, great pictures you found!
Keep on rocking,

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I too missed this one. Thank goodness some one bumped it back up the list. A really great production, top playing and singing guys.

Keep on rocking.

No idea what the song was but the guitar work was great…loved the intro part where it was just guitar…everything else is right up there with your normal high standards.

Very catchy chorus :smiley:

didn’t understand a word but cool production :smiley:

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In the section you want to monitor for new post, next to New Post there is a bell, Click and change the status to watching and you’ll get a notification of any new posts in that section.