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Why does the lesson use D, A, & E but the tab and chords show G, C, & D - which I think are correct?

You can play it both ways A D E is a 1 4 5 progression
G C D is also a 1 4 5 progression. If you want to play along
with Justin but play G C D put a capo on the second fret

Justin most likely teaches it in A because in grade one A D E
are the first chord learnt and the opening riff is easier to play
in A.

Thanks! Couldn’t I just play G C D in the open position instead of using a capo?

Yes you can if your not playing with Justin and you’ll need to
figure out the opening riff.

Hi does anyone know the tab for the opening harmonica part? I just received the 100 classic song book and was hoping it would be in it.