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Why does the lesson use D, A, & E but the tab and chords show G, C, & D - which I think are correct?

You can play it both ways A D E is a 1 4 5 progression
G C D is also a 1 4 5 progression. If you want to play along
with Justin but play G C D put a capo on the second fret

Justin most likely teaches it in A because in grade one A D E
are the first chord learnt and the opening riff is easier to play
in A.

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Thanks! Couldn’t I just play G C D in the open position instead of using a capo?

Yes you can if your not playing with Justin and you’ll need to
figure out the opening riff.

Hi does anyone know the tab for the opening harmonica part? I just received the 100 classic song book and was hoping it would be in it.

What is the tab for the harmonic part?

If you pay for the taps and music, can you print that off?

@ToddN, no you can’t

Hi Todd, as @LadyOfTheCastle said, it’s not possible to print the tabs. I understand that’s a licensing limitation. It suppose a licensing agreement allowing printing might significantly raise the cost of the subscription.