Love Me Do song on app

What is the reason why Love Me Do is not early? It’s A D and E I figured it would be good for Mod3 at least. Looks like it’s listed as Grade 3 Mod 15-22. I am only on Beginner 1 Mod 4, 5 weeks into learning. I have been ‘playing’ Love me do should i keep or go with songs in my Mod? *I have slowed the BPM down to around 100 or so with strum of 4 down with more effort on the 2nd beat.

Welcome to the community Darren :slightly_smiling_face: Took some time for me to understand the connection to Grade 3 modules, but then I noticed that someone at Musopia has tagged this as “module 20”.

Must be an accident. Of course module 20 contains a lesson on singing and playing at the same time, yet this label could be attached to most songs in the app. In addition, singing and playing at the same time is by no means a requirement.

So please continue practicing and playing this song, if you like it. It’s a great song for practicing A, D and E. Justin has a good lesson on it btw…

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Welcome to the community Darren. You’re right it’s a Grade 1 song, in Justin’s Beginner’s Songbook vol. 1 it’s on page 22 of 223. As Nicole @JokuMuu says, someone at Musopia has likely mis-tagged it

However, to play along with the Beatles recording, you’d need to play it with a capo on fret 10 so that the A, D, E chord shapes would sound as G, C, D. It would probably be easier to use software to raise the pitch of the recording by one tone

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Yea, like it for learning A,D,E chord changes and it’s a bonus it’s the Beatles!

With only 5+ weeks under my belt I figured its a good way to learn chord changes with A, D, and E. I do have a capo, maybe in a few weeks I will give it a try.

Playing with a capo at fret 10 is seriously difficult unless you have teeny-tiny hands. If you want to play along with the Beatles I’d suggest using a browser extension called Transpose , which allows you to change the pitch of a Youtube video (without affecting the speed), and also allows you to change the speed independently of the pitch (it’s available for Chrome and Edge, don’t know about any other browsers). Either that or learn to play G and C, it’d be easier than trying to play with a capo on 10!!!

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LoL I was playing around and decided to put the capo on and play and it was very very hard. Maybe because I have a Acoustic dreadnought? I am in Mod 5 and learning C. Right now just playing Love Me Do with A,D,E which gives me good practice until I get G and C learned.

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No, you’d have the same difficulty with any size of acoustic guitar because the higher up the neck you go, the closer the frets are together, and on any acoustic the neck joins the body around the 14th fret, so you only have a small space to fit your hand into with a capo on the 10th fret. It’d be marginally easier if your guitar has a cutaway, but even then, my personal opinion is the tone leaves a lot to be desired (maybe not if you have a very expensive guitar…). Again personal opinion, exploration of the dusty end of the neck i.e above 8th fret or so, is best left until you can lay hands on an electric, as most have cutaways and the neck tends to join the body around the 16th/17th fret so there’s a lot more room to play with