Love of my life


Having just posted my profile, I’m striking while the irons hot and posting my first video!

As you can hear, I’m no singer, which is one of the reasons I don’t post. This is not the best I’ve played it, mistakes but I find it very nerve racking when the record button is pressed!

This is very low-tech, done with the standard video recorder on my phone.

Please go easy on me!




Hey Alan,

Congratulations in your first AVOYP! :+1:

Honestly enjoyed that alot mate. Great performance. Alot to be proud of there thats for sure. Nice, clean picking and delicate touch , and great rhythm in what would be a tricky song rhythmically. And singing on top as well, which is no easy task.
Thought your singing was actually pretty good, and quite emotive in line with the song.
Congratulations again mate. Looking forward to some more.

Cheers, Shane


That was lovely Alan it was played and sung so tenderly. I really enjoyed it. :clap:t2: :clap:t2:


That was really nice Alan and big congratulations on your first post. It gets a lot easier from here!

This was absolutely amazing! Thank you very much for sharing, it is one of my favourite Queen songs and you did it justice!

Hi Alan very cool first attempt well done! Don’t beat yourself up about singing, after all anyone next to Freddie would be looking worse than anticipated :grinning: I think you did good and you have some nice falsetto going on there. Kudos for sharing!

Hi Alan,

Congratulations on your first video, :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:…and what a one,you dit great…nicely played and quite well sung this super difficult but beautiful song :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

Hi Alan, what a debut :star_struck:. That was awesome :clap::+1::smiley:. Such a difficult song to sing and play. You did really well. Very enjoyable :blush:.
I’m looking forward to hearing more from you :hugs:.

Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement. I’ll have to inflict some more on you now!

Very nice.

For me, sometimes songs are just not in my vocal range. It can be an interesting exercise shifting the song up or down a bit. Just an idea. I’m not sure if that will help or not.

I wish I could play fingerstyle like that… And I wish I could sing like that as well!

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lovely finger style. I think we all struggle with the sound of our own voices. I know I do. I found myself greatly encouraged by Justin’s recent video How not to suck at singing When I first played as a teenager over 40 years ago i used to sing in tune but could not project. Since starting again 3 years ago I am not so worried about volume and am happy to make my own noise. You luckily have a good voice if you haven’t already seen Justin’s video there are some brilliant tips from, as he would admit himself, a very ordinary singer. which makes it good advice indeed for us ordinary mortals

Hi Alan,

This is one of my favorite queen songs. You did a wonderful job with it. Well done


That was a real treat, Alan, really well played and sung as far as I am concerned. It is a beautiful song, and pretty challenging both to play and sing, but to do both together … next level as far as I am concerned. All your years spent playing and learning shine through.

Get involved in the Community, more recordings in AVOYP, listening, encouraging, and helping other others, and joining the COmmunity OMs as a performer. Doing all that and I am sure you’ll make great progress towards achieving your aspirations.

All I can suggest/ask, is to try and position the phone a little higher up so the video presentation is shot from in front looking straight rather than upwards at an angle.

As for collaboration, search out some of the collaborations shared here by @brianlarsen. He has produced some wonderful productions with those contributing providing their parts recorded with just phones. If a phone is the only device that you have (no PC, laptop, iPad) that need not be a barrier to collaborating. get active in the Community, put feelers out, and I expect opportunities will emerge.

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Nice job, Alan, just beautiful!


I really appreciate all your comments, a big thank you.

Nice Job, lovely delicate playing and nothing wrong with your singing either. Well done

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Alan.

That was really nice. Your playing was sweet and your vocals a good as well. A song I’ve not heard in years but I was singing along. Great stuff.