Love playing the MIM

Love my 2012 MIM Strat!


Looks great, congratulations

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Nice colour. But I notice the volume knob only goes up to ten. That’s disappointing. :blush:

I see you’ve removed the tremelo arm. Me too. I wonder how many strat players actually use them?


I never even fit mine… :smile:


I blocked the tremolo bridge too with wood so it is rigid!


Future upgrades I want to do:

  • bone nut
  • Fender locking tuners
  • roller string tree
  • Fender “F” logo neck plate

Got to love a maple next Strat, mighty fine colourway :+1:


I agree with @Notter , in that I love a maple neck on a Strat. (I also own one, though 15 years older!)

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I agree, and there is something really special about the Fender gloss on the neck and maple fretboard

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Full body shot!


Very nice colourway!
Sensible mod with the block of wood, don’t know why Hardtail versions are as rare as rocking horse manure!
My favourite Strat was a MIJ Squier silver series, for the price it was unbelievably good!


I would have also thought hardtails would be more prevalent, I just found I was fiddling more with tuning and I works rarely if ever even use the tremolo. You can always bend the neck if needed!

I do love this colourway, I was not sure about it at first but so glad I went with it. I paid $550 CAD for this in FB marketplace a few months ago which was a great deal as it still had some shrinkwrap in the plastic parts. I don’t see a lot of MIJ guitars selling used in my area.

“I blocked the tremolo bridge too with wood so it is rigid!”

I have the same guitar and have done exactly the same.
I also loosened the springs. (Trem removed).
Sting hight was done on bridge
Really pleased with the way it plays and sounds.
Lot of guitar for the money.

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I am pleased with the results! Great value for the money!

Just installed a new Tusq XL nut, quite pleased with the results!

Just installed locking tuners from Fender! Sweet and inexpensive upgrade!

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