Loving Is Easy (Acoustic Riff Session)

Had to exercise a major ear worm on this track. The “Loving Is Easy” progression by Rex Orange County burned into my brain. Had to have a go at it: Loving Is Easy (Acoustic Riff Session)

I just lifted and looped the last section of the song. The original (beware there is a potty mouth word in there):
The original


That was certainly a little ear worm. First time I’ve heard that song and your little acoustic riff was definitely a good take… short and sweet… just enough to get that tune stuck in your head.

Thanks! It’s kind of fun to add guitar to a non-guitar track. May do more of this in the future.

Had a little home brew tasting session last Sunday at my house and this track came through the mix - it lodged into my brain for sure.

You make more, I’ll definitely listen sir.

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Great to see you again Clint, really catchy tune indeed and your impro was definitely a cherry on top! Great stuff!

That was a tidy bit of improv Clint. Good to see you back posting.

Hi Clint,
It is a nice production. At times I have a hard time picking out the guitar. Probably just my crummy ears!

How much grog did your batch turn out? Seems to be lasting a while… How you keeping it fresh?

All the best and take care,

Very entertaining, Clint, but I won’t be able to shake that tune for a while.

Just listened again CT. Never heard the song before but it was relaxing! Well done! :slight_smile:

Thanks all! I appreciate folks taking the time to listen and comment. @LBro, there isn’t any production to speak of on this video. This is what you would hear and see setting in the room. Crunched time has me going for immediacy over production these days. The loop was played through my little portable amp and the whole thing was recorded with my iPhone’s ambient mic. We are raw riffing, not launching the space shuttle. LOL

Hey Clint. This has got me scratching my head. I’ve listened three times and can’t hear any guitar. Only vocal, drums and keyboard.
Maybe I need some of your moonshine! :smiley:

No need for any one to stress about it. The link is my guitar playing over the progression. The youtube image is the original recording (provided for context).

EDIT: I changed the links to make it less confusional

Good stuff, Clint.

Didn’t know the original either. but i liked your acoustic cover :relaxed:.

One think that surprised me was that you did bendings on the acoustic. I recall Justin saying that it is a technique for electric guitar. Maybe are the whole step bendings the one that are really difficult, but half step bendings are ok? Or he was talking only in terms of difficulty?

Sweet jam, Clint, and opted to check out the original (not something I do as a rule). Glad I did as the video was fun and the pop song for me was echoes of a bygone era when radio-ready pop tunes were light and fun but also musical, before these days of viral 15s Tik-Tok shares…excuse me for showing my age.

Aha. Now I’ve got it Clint, I was trying to pick out the guitar play in the original version. :woozy_face:
That was a cool laid back jam. Well done, I enjoyed that. I don’t know the song but it’s one of those tunes you think you’ve heard somewhere.

Thanks gang!

This isn’t really a guitar track, so it was fun adding some guitar to it. This progression has a cool major chord progression vibe to it.

@Rumil bending acoustic strings is fun. Try it. Full note, half --all are fair game. There can be some string noise and clunking against the fretboard, but it’s all in a day’s riffing. :slight_smile: