Low-cost Resonator

I’m not one who usually suffers from GAS pains. I’m such a lousy player that I can’t justify, even to myself, more guitars.

That said, I’m a big blues fan. A resonator has always fascinated me. Then, today, I had to see this. Must resist!

Resistance is futile.

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I’ve been struggling with a mild case of GAS lately, I’ve been jonesing for a cigar box guitar, but seeing that beauty on the Thomann UK site for £191 including VAT and with free shipping, has just kicked my GAS into high gear!


I’m afraid to see what the cost of shipping a guitar from the UK to the US is. When I buy books from the UK the shipping is nearly as much as the books.

Yeah, I was afraid of that. $84 shipping.

evil. just simply evil. shame on you.


The secret to shopping at Thomann is amortizing the shipping cost by spreading it out over a few different items. That and taking advantage of the scale of economics means that you will find some things there cheaper than you will ever find them over here in Canada/US.

When I bought that HB, sorry I forgot to mention that it was an HB resonator, it was already marked down as B-stock. I also ordered a pedal that you just could not buy here in Canada for what I paid and that I flipped as new days after my guitar arrived. I didn’t even open the box and the buyer got a good deal. That pedal, today, is selling for $156 LESS at Thomann than it does anywhere in Canada that I can find, $344 vs $499. I kid you not!

The net result was I didn’t pay a dime in shipping and even managed to earn back a few dollars in the bargain.

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I’ll definitely be getting one of these, perhaps after I finish Grade 4 or Grade 5 (just finishing grade 3 now)

Is that polished metal resonator an HB? I didn’t see it listed in their USA Reverb.com store.

Yeah, it’s a Harley Benton. Apparently it’s only available from Thomann in England, at least for now. Maybe it will eventually show up in Reverb.

Quite a few HB Res at Thomann, who by the way are based in Germany, not England.

Thanks. But the shipping is still prohibitive. $86 to ship a $200 guitar to the U.S.

More a case of showing what’s out there, that may be available stateside.

There are resonators on amazon from $250, Andertons don’t have exclusivity on cheap Chinese made guitars

Neither do Thomann.

aha yis