Low-Power FM Transmitter

Hi, I am looking for recommendations for Low-Power FM Transmitter that my club can use to broadcast DJ commentary and music over an area of less than 1km. This setup will be used for parade floats so that each float has the same music playing on them.
Currently, each float has its own DJ and style of music so the amplifiers and speakers are already in place. My idea is to install a car or marine FM radio on each float that would be connected to the in-place amplifier.
I’m just beginning my research and would appreciate any suggestions.


I would check your local regulations first to make sure you are allowed to do this.

Broadcasting, even with low powers and over short ranges, on licenced spectrum ranges (such as those that can be picked up by an FM radio) is often illegal without a licence and the fines for doing so if you are caught can be very heavy.



You might find this helpful, I doubt if the range would be adequate for your purposes, it would be wise to get a license if you can!

Thank you for the replies.
I checked the US FCC regulations and the maximum transmission distance for unlicensed FM is 200 feet. This is well under my requirements for being feasible. Maximum fine for the first offense of broadcasting beyond that is US$10,000. OUCH!

I found a product by Wet Sounds, AL-SR-V2, which is designed for marine use, since we’ll be using it outside for parades, this is a good benefit.
Transmits at 2.4 GHz
Max distance 500m
Up to three receivers
Uses RCA Adapters or 3.5mm jack
Can run on batteries for up to 5.5 hours

Based on the specifications, this product seems to meet all of my needs.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.