Low Recording Level?

Hi All,

Just a question for those regularly recording via Shure SM58s or similar.

Whilst I realise that these mics are somewhat ‘get up close and personal’ I tend to find that anything less than it being right in front of my mouth or the guitar strings and I seem to need my input on the UMC202HD at around 70% full vol and this still barely hitting the -18 on the Reaper track level.

The actual volume when listening back seems pretty good and of course can be boosted with the Reaper controls but i’m surprised that I seem to need the AI input dial consistently so high? :thinking:

If anyone has any experience with this would love to hear from ya :+1:

Just FYI, the AI is set on ‘Line’ and the ‘Pad’ button is out. However I have played around with the Line button and don’t see much difference if any.

Thanks in advance :wink:

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I’ve got an SM58 but don’t use it too much for recording mostly for this very reason. As far as I’m aware this is a design feature - it’s a mic really designed for live stage use, so it’s trying not to pick up any other ambient stage noise.


No single mic is suitable or optimal for all applications. I would use a SM58 exclusively for mic’ing an amp. I have a Behringer knock off for this purpose. For vocals into an audio interface I use a dual diaphragm condenser mic (Behringer B-2).

I recommend buying a number of different types of microphones. This is same recommendation that I would make for any gear to be honest.

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