Low sound quality (Android + Bluetooth headphones)

Hi there, guitar people.

I had the good fortune to be in the audience for the first time at the latest OM. Unfortunately, I had problems with low quality audio when I used the zoom app on my Android phone and my Bluetooth headphones, which made the performances sound really crappy. The speech between the songs was acceptable quality, but as soon as someone started playing it turned bad.
I eventually switched to my laptop and a set of wired headphones, which helped a lot.
In both cases I turned on “original audio”, or whatever it is called.
Does anyone have experience with this? Is there something I can do in zoom to fix this? (Edit: Just checked google, and it looks like it could be a zoom + phone + Bluetooth issue)
I should have tried with wired headphones on my phone, to see if that helps - I’ll do that next time.

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There is of course a simple explanation :rofl:

The original sound switch is for performers, not listeners. I’m surprised there was much difference with wired buds :thinking:

Even better, join in next time :grinning:

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I was trying to be very careful of how I phrased this! :joy:

I just might! :rocket:

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Could be Echo Cancellation enabled in the Zoom Audio settings. This would likely have Zoom see the guitar as background noise ans cancel it out partially, so you’d lose quality. My understanding but could be wrong :confused: