Lower E super overpowers other strings on looper, but sounds normal on amp?

Like the title says, when I connect my guitar to my looper and play the individual strings, the low E string is super loud while the higher strings are barely audible. However if I connect directly to the amp, this isn’t an issue and all the strings are at a similar volume. I’m still a beginner so not sure what the issue could be, any advice would be appreciated!

The guitar is a Martin 000-X1ae, the looper is RC-1 and the amp is a Cort AF30 if that helps? The guitar has a Fishman Sonitone pick up and it’s located at the top of the sound hole, closer to the lower E string. I was thinking that might be the issue, but not sure as there’s no problem when I’m plugged straight into the amp?

If it sounds fine when you’re playing through the amp, I think we can rule out issues with the pick-ups and amp EQ.

Any technique issues, like a hard attack, should have the same effect on the amp as on the looper.

That leaves me to think it’s probably an issue with the RC-1.

  • There are no EQ knobs on the RC-1 so that can’t be it.
  • How are you using the looper? Before the amp or after the amp (in the fx loop)?
  • Which inputs and outputs are you using? A (mono) or B?
  • Is there a difference when you change the position of the level knob?

Isn’t that an under-saddle piezo pickup? I’m not sure how theat can be located at the top of the sound hole. :confused:



I hope the problem is solved after 1 year and 3 months.
Did you see that it was such an old topic Jeff? @Jeff

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Nope, I misread it for Jan 2023. My bad!