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After listening to my husband try to explain what he’s doing, I wouldn’t try it at the same time, but hey, your mind may be nimbler than mine. The hubby says it would be like trying to learn 2 different languages, then again, I was taking Spanish and French at the same time in high school without problems. :blush: Yousician costs over $100/year.

I’m pleased you’re finding my Log helpful; do you intend to start one yourself? I couldn’t find one in your profile. I do find it very helpful to me.

I am being careful with my arm, I’ve cut way back on a lot of household stuff, my gardening is very limited now and the hubby has taken over the lawn mowing for now which is the thing that really messed me up. Still have a doctor’s appointment coming up, so we’ll see if I get prescribed therapy or anything.

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Hi Rebecca,

so glad to hear your arm is doing better and you can get back at playing guitar! :slight_smile: Hope the pain will be gone completely soon.

Reading about your breakthrough with What’s Up sounds relatable. It’s an elevating feeling when it finally clicks and just works, somehow. I sometimes had this, when I put things at rest and come back to them after a short while.

You and your husband jamming along together is just awesome, too! How much more joy it must be to share something you really enjoy with your loved ones and have some fun together. :smiley: I’m really looking forward to see the two of you in action maybe. :slight_smile:

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Hi Rebecca

No I didn’t start a log yet but I think I should do that soon. Just a few weeks after I started learning I left Switzerland for a sabbatical in Colombia and travelled around Colombia by motorcycle with my wife. I’m a biologist and I think that there were far too many biological distractions in Colombia for a log. Then when I got back it was just too busy. Now things are more back to routine it might be time to start. Keeping up practice during that time was also challenging. But somehow I managed by borrowing guitars from people. It wasn’t ideal for learning - different guitars and no daily routine. But I made some slow progress. Since arriving back I’ve got in a good routine and practice 1-2 hours every evening. I feel I’m making progress slowly. I enjoy it more and more and find the course fascinating. So much to learn.

I have never done any recordings for other community members to comment on either. That’s something that’s a bit daunting for me, more because of my singing than anything else. Also I’m finding playing and singing to be a major challenge.

Bass: I actually always wanted to play bass. I almost bought one but then at the last minute I decided that playing guitar might be more rewarding and more versatile. I don’t have someone to play along with and decided playing bass alone without other musicians might feel like a lonely journey. I also liked the idea of learning songs to sing to my wife. She encourages me a lot. I think I made the right decision but perhaps once I’m an intermediate guitar player then I may start bass but that’s still a long way off. I’m doubtful that a Justin exists for bass, with a teacher as motivating as him or a community such as this. . I looked at quite a few guitar courses before deciding to follow Justin’s course. Most of them really put me off, especially the daft adverts for Guitar Tricks that come up on You Tube all the time. I made the right choice.

I’m learning on an electric but most of the songs I’m practicing would be better on acoustic - good riddance, wish you were here, free fallin, patience, what’s up, and a song called Don’t open the door to strangers by The Church ( not on Justin but quite easy to teach myself - except for a challenging G to B minor barre and C to B minor barre change). I’m thinking of getting an acoustic but I wish I knew more about acoustic guitars before taking the plunge.

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The sabbatical sounded like a blast. I always had a desk job, usually nothing as interesting as that (with one exception that didn’t pan out.)

I found out from my husband in 2022 that he, too, had always wanted to play bass. Married more than 30 years and I never knew. If I’d thought about him wanting to learn anything it would have been guitar because he could pick out what guitarist was playing with just a few notes. But, no he suddenly decided to buy a bass online and I thought about it for about 5 minutes and said, why not me, too? And I ordered mine online. I got an electric even though I always figured I’d get an acoustic but he convinced me to get an electric. I didn’t even have a base for the first 3 months, caught covid and couldn’t really do anything again till the end of January when I found Justin.

I did finally buy my first acoustic in April this year. I am definitely finding it harder to play than electric so I think you also did well to start with an electric. Besides, having no idea what I was doing in 2022, I probably would have ended up with a crappy acoustic, now, instead I have a nice little Breedlove which I love. :blush:

Practicing as much as you are, you’ll be passing me in no time! I’m barely managing 20 minutes a day now because of my strumming arm.

And as to a Log, you don’t have to write a novel every time, just note things you’re having trouble with, or excelling at, it’s fun to look back and see how much you’ve improved.

Edit: Maybe you could get your wife to sing for you? :smiley:


Please may I ask which Breedlove you have and the features you most enjoy, or don’t? I’m looking at a Breedlove electro-acoustic guitar which might become only my second ever guitar purchase. I play a Kiso Suzuki FE150 - it’s one of the (in)famous law-suit Martin clones. I bought it 49 years ago and, as you can see, I’m not rushing into anything!

I’ll appreciate hearing about your Breedlove exoerience.


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HI Brian, I bought a
Breedlove ECO Discovery S Concert CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Edgeburst African Mahogany

I love it’s sound, I haven’t even plugged it into my amp since I brought it home, but it sounded good plugged in at the store, too. I also love how it feels to hold, I find dreadnaughts much too large.

Since it is my first acoustic and the strings are much heavier (it has 12s) than what’s on my electric, I am finding it hard to get certain notes to ring out nicely while strumming, (that blasted F barre chord!) but I want to keep at it for awhile longer before deciding whether to get lighter strings.

At the store I also tried out a Breedlove Wildwood, which sounded really, really nice, too but I couldn’t hear a $500 difference, lol. So with the money I saved I bought a Boss Katana MkII amp. I’m very happy with that, too though I have yet to test out even half of what it’s capaable of.

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Short Update

I watched and attempted to practice the Blues Shuffle strumming pattern. Well, that looked easier than it was, especially when I tried to accent beast 2 and 4. For some reason, I was missing the low strings on the 1st and 3rd down strum, as if the heavier beats on the 2nd and 4th were throwing my timing off. I’ll keep practicing this, obviously, as well as trying to perfect my chord changes between Am and the F barre (which I apparently lost the ability to do while resting my arm), as well as changes between various 7th chords.

Otherwise, I’ll continue practicing songs more slowly to avoid aggravating my arm tendons (they feel fine at the moment) and throw in other things like power chords randomly.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Greetings from Mr. Sigmund Freud, can’t stop laughing! So many beasts to tame out there :muscle:.


Sounds like you need a Mammotion Luba Robot to cut your grass for you, fantastic technology. Not only will it cut your grass for you the time you save not cutting grass and injuring yourself is time you can use on guitar :+1:

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The shuffle’s straightforward in theory but can be a little beast, especially with the accenting at first! Feel is so much of the blues stuff but once you start flowing it’s an awesome feeling!

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