Lyrics and backing track app for Android

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good Christmas! I’m looking for an Android app which combines scrolling lyrics and/or tab with a backing track organiser/player. I don’t play live, I’m kinda intermediate at best, but would like some way to organise and play backing tracks (MP3s) which are somehow organised with lyrics and tab for each song. It’s for practice and for advancing to singing along, doesn’t need to be ultra high quality but a decent layout and ease of use are key. I travel with my guitar so it would be great to have everything in one place. I’ve seen a few apps, I’ve downloaded LyricPad 3 and the interface is horrible! Anyone use something that fits the brief? Cheers! Steve

Hi Steve, sorry can’t help with the app but welcome to the Community.

Cheers and thanks for the welcome! I wish I’d looked in here earlier, loads of useful info and even as a newbie I hope I can add something to the mix. I’ll keep looking for the app I want, if I find something really good I’ll report back and perhaps someone else may find it interesting.