Mad World - Beginner Stage 1 - No Look!

I hope I’m not posting too many videos :grimacing: I’m just excited to learn and like to share my progress as I don’t know anyone IRL who plays :confused:

This is Mad World (Tears for Fears), played over the actual track.

I’m trying to address some issues picked up in my last couple of videos with focus first on not being involved in a staring contest with my fretting hand :joy:

Things still to work on:

  • My pinky. I can’t make it stay down!
  • Guitar bounce caused by my strumming arm.
  • And a load of other stuff!

Any feedback welcome and someone please tell me if I’m posting too many videos! I don’t want to cheese off any of you lovely people. :smiley:


Nice! I think you are on the right path man keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Love the concentration face! :rofl: The stress-out in the middle of the video.

I think you did pretty well Zed. Keep it up.


I’m excited that you’re excited Zed. It’s a lovely place to be in when you’re learning, make the most of it! Your fretting hand/fingers look more relaxed, you’re not staring at the fret as though it’s a cobra about to strike and your enthusiasm translates into gusto as you play.

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Bravo, Zed, well done. Everything like smooth and relaxed, good rhythm, clean and smooth chords and changes.

Keep doing what you are doing and don’t worry about number of postings, the worst that may happen is that not every regular will view every recording … as long as that won’t trouble you all is good.

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Well done Zed. You’ve taken the previous comments on board. Onwards and upwards!

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Well done Zed another fine performance! Nothing as such as too much, especially if it is such a quality content as this :wink: all the best

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Too many is way better than none, at least you will get more knowledge and learn to be less ‘record shy’, keep them coming!
As regards this performance, not bad at all, nice steady strumming and good chord changes.

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Hi Zed,

Nice board game collection! Your playing is pretty good too. :slight_smile:

Regarding keeping your pinky down, I think this is something that will just come with practice. I also think that if you work finger independence it might come faster. I like this one as a starting exercise: Beginner Finger Stretches |

Regarding keeping your guitar steady, maybe try standing up? There is probably something really basic you can adjust to prevent this.

I doubt that either of these issues should really prevent you from progressing.


I do those every day on frets 1-4 for 3 mins. I think when I start using my pinky for something, it might sort itself out :smiley:

Tip of the iceberg of my collection - I have a problem :joy::joy:

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been here just a few weeks and have seen more vids from you than anyone. If nothing else my feedback is awesome work on producing these. plenty of work goes into getting ready to play though full songs in the early stgaes.
Keep it up legend.

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