Made The Guardian (newspaper)

Despite retiring 4 years ago, I still love my photography and I still get e kick out of seeing a byline next to one of my photographs.
Recently Made The Gaurdian with this one from the aftermath of the fire up at Lady Cannings plantation.


that’s cool

Nice one, Gary!

Nice congrats!

You see, you could be at it for al ogn time and suddenly there is a spotlight on you! :wink:
It’s a sad story but it’s cool your pro photograph helps to raise awareness!

Congrats, Gary!

Great pic Gary! Congrats! :smiley:

Great picture Gary ! Congrats ! Thanks for sharing personnal kicks. Love it. :sunglasses: :pray: Good day.

Great picture, Gary, and congrats! Even though the occasion is a little sad, it’s awesome to see your pic there.