Madman’s Diaries JGC LS2 (Xmas Bash) Footnotes - The Rambler

Evening peeps !

As is customary after one of our live gigs, here is a post of my final dry run recording of Black Stone Cherry’s The Rambler which I played on Saturday’s “gig”.

I decided to go back to using IEMs for this one, as it allowed me to debut my new “Van Zant” tribute titfer, suitably named “The Gambler” which rhymes with “The Rambler”.
Its more Johnnie than Donnie and Ronnie but they all sported the same style. So, its my way of saying thanks to one of my favourite singers and inspirations.
It will have permanent residence in future Community events. RIP Ronnie.

Watch the show video if you want to see the hat. :wink:

Madman out.


Really superb job here. You are in control and it looks like you are doing exactly what you want to be doing!!

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Hi Toby,
Liked it again, :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:…and nice to watch / listen to it again in tranquility :sweat_smile:,…

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Yeah those keyboards make a hell of a racket !


Hey Toby,
If I am a “peep”, then it would follow I am a member of the “Peeps Club”? All banter aside I enjoyed your show here. I have to ask though, what are the high chords your playing…? At times they almost sound a tad off? Your vox is doing well these days and your playing is very solid. All good things mate!

Kept it up and a new year will dawn!

Superb Toby. You looked so at ease performing that song and your vocals were absolutely spot on! Awesome performance! :sunglasses:

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I do like a bit of BSC, Toby and what a cracking job you did with this one.

I’ve not had time to watch the OM from Saturday yet but now I’m looking forward to it even more. I hope it has baubles on it. :smiley:

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Hi Toby, that was absolutely awesome :star_struck:. Your performance sounded very professional, and you looked totally relaxed :smiley:.
I really do hope, that in some years I’m also able to play and sing as well as you do :hugs:.
Thanks so much for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Toby great job during OM and here, really enjoyable tune. You did a fab job and great to see you revisiting good old hits :slight_smile: all the best

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Oops been neglecting comments but a little busy this week. So in reverse order : -

@adi_mrok Adi thank you sir. Its a great song to play and sing if you can park the emotion but boy is it tight with that capo ! :sunglasses:

@NicoleKKB Aw thx Nicole, probably more relax than I was for the Livestream but I love playing this and a good choice of my daughter who suggested it a while back. I have some good nuggets to thank her for. Both singing and playing have taken practice, so I’ve no doubt you’ll get there for sure, with what I have seen so far ! :+1:

@SgtColon Cheers Stefan, given their normal stuff this might actually throw some people off the scent but its one of their crackers ! Thx for listening. :sunglasses:

@Eddie_09 Thank you Eddie its a song I love to play and play a lot, I guess that makes it a little easier but I still stuff now and then but life goes on. BTW I am too old for awesome :rofl:

@LBro Yeah reckon yousa Peep Bro !! You’ll have to give me some timestamp where it sounded iffy. There are a couple of sections where its all a bit tight and squidgy so I may not have landed clean chords. Pretty much based around a C shape A and A2 for the verse with an Am and G thrown in. The bridge is A and A2 plus A6/9 and A2. Plus there a little F6 dropped and left hanging here and there. The original has a more complicated bridge so this one is parred back a bit or I loose where I am on the singing front. Still struggling with multi processing but getting there. Hence the very simple recent productions with just the condenser and the record button. Rest assured more to come in the new year !
Take care pal.


Hi Toby my dear friend! As always, with great pleasure I get to your live performances, I am delighted with your vocals, your guitar sounded just as good!
With best regards


Cheers Mike.

A peaceful New Year dear friend.

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