Madman’s New Diary Chapter Seven - The Forgotten Mode (Lucifer's Locrian Lullaby)

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Hey, Toby, back for a third time. This track keeps dredging up memories of the days when we’d watch television with the sound off and playing a track like this on the stereo at levels that would vibrate your whole body - for hours at a time Hmmm. Don’t know if you ever did anything like that?? Really enjoyed this one. Well played. And thanks for those memories, I think.

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@sairfingers Thanks Gordon ! Yeah can’t see this type of experiment used to welcome in a New Year but you never know ! As to tones, loving the POD and finding more gems each week and now starting to dial in my own. Good piece of kit ! :sunglasses:

@DarrellW Darrell I am with you and much prefer a nice Blues noodle but I think you can also learn using other genres, if you could call it that. I just like sticking up for the odd guy in the corner now and then :rofl:

@oldhead49 Dave now that’s reminded me of something I had long forgotten about ! Yes we did that and normally with the lights out as well and the tele sound off and the music system volume maxed with some extra bass. Bands like Camel and Tangerine Dream figured at the time I recall. Maybe that inspired Bruce’s 57 Channels ? So thanks for the memory too, I might just whack the cans on and stroll back down memory lane ! :sunglasses:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Haha! Toby, too bad we didn’t know each other back in the day. We could have had a high time watching Bob Ross pull a squirrel out of his top pocket while painting a landscape, music blaring . I can picture you turning and saying “What the…” and then just breaking up laughing.
Ah, bygone days!
This is a great piece you’ve put together!!

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I’m thinking there was some extra recreational activities going on.



Telepathy abounds!
Didn’t mean to sidetrack this thread, but it’s given me an up that was badly needed and for that I thank you Toby and Rick.

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This sounded good to my ears, it reminded me of an intro played at the start of a gig to rev the crowd up while the band took to the stage it was full of anticipation.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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Maybe that side of the Atlantic :rofl: It would just been beers for me and the smokes back then were Marlboro before I quit ! If the music and the mood was right no wacky backy required but also it would have been Brit TV which you you could only call “interesting” back in the day. Good memories all the same :sunglasses:

Times have change Dave, no TV required just access to the UTube ! Pharmaceuticals optional but with some videos out there, a coffee would do, or am I just getting old :rofl:

I’m right there with you, Toby, and glad I am.
Have a good night.

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I have listened on the ytube and here.
Me likey the development of the rbythmically played lead motifs.

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Love it Toby @Madman_DarkLord :smiling_imp:

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Richard thanks for dropping by :smile: I am finding this an interesting way of exploring the modes. Reacquaint myself with the pattern and explore, find different phrases/motifs and see what can be done dancing around certain box patterns, for example here 1,2b,4,5b or
2b,3b,5b,6b or 7b,1,3b,C that kind of thing. And obviously pattern links and bridges.

But this was a weird one but hey no surprise

Now I don’t mean weird, as it has more flats than a mid 60s tower block, more what Darrell referenced on resolving. I really had to focus on resolving to the tonic G and my head did not want to go there. I kept wanting to finish on the 2b !! And it took a while to stop myself doing that. Now I know the G Locrian is born out of the Parent Major Scale Ab but would there a reason for being drawn to the Ab ? Or am I just the weird one ? The whole BT is dominated by Gm7b5 and from the chord sequence below, I don’t see anything that would pull me to that 2b when resolving a phrase, in the context of the track ?

BTW way I also dabbled with coming in on different beats but it was a bit of a disaster continuity wise. So I need to explore that, maybe just over a drone and get out of my comfort zone.

Not ready to go looking for happy land yet, so I might see if Boris is hiding anywhere and just drop one flat for the next one down ala

The mercury is dropping so some Phrygian seems like a cool place to go !

But for now its back to Solo Blues and OM prep.

Thanks for the listen.



@liaty Why am I not surprised Dave ? Thank you :sunglasses:

Really really interesting Toby and well played, nice breathing spaces contrasting with the rhythm of the backing track, enjoyed that!

This might sound weird but I thought the overall feel came across like a lite-metal version of an Arabian call to prayer. Dark, moody but with a real driven purpose.

Thanks for the share! Bravo :+1:

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Hi Toby,

Very cool, and indeed a source of inspiration.
May well have to delve in to that for a tune. Got some dark, slightly exotic vibes.
Get some drone going on in the background. Hmm…
Something to explore for sure.


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Never saw that coming Mark but I can hear where you are coming from, now you’ve said it. I’ve not done a lot with Locrian but it is certainly an interesting mode. Dark and moody was the objective once I found the BT, so job done ! Cheers :sunglasses:

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Digger man thanks for that. I was thinking of you and Katja when the recording was finished. As you say dark and exotic, well that is right up your street ! If this inspires you and the siren to come up with something, I will be a very happy old sod !

Yeah, Toby, you’ve got a dark lullaby. God forbid we all fall asleep with it :crazy_face:
But it sounds beautiful and mysterious.
Continue your musical adventures,

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I thought that was great, Toby. A nice bit of dark noodling but it’s a shame you cut the thicker strings, as it would have been nice to hear a little of that too.

Thanks Stefan.

As to the utilising E and A in the piece, that was exactly the problem. The chugging dark drone chord riff pretty much overshadowed them and it all sound a bit muddy. I did slap on a tubescreamer “pedal” during one session but the rest then sounded a bit too harsh. So I went for a more mellow compromise. I think dancing around on the PODs buttons every couple of notes, would certainly taken me off piste with a lot of bum notes I suspect !

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Well Toby, you know what sounds best for what you are wanting to achieve and have to remove accordingly. :+1:

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