Madman’s New Diary - OM X Footnote

Hello Peeps

As is the customary manner, I am posting the final Dry Runs of my JGC Open Mic X set, Nickelback’s Should Have Listened and the Seger/Metallica/Madman hybrid of Turn The Page. I have not listen to these and the OM recording back to back to make comparisons, as I am still maximising time with the family being over here on holiday. Then only difference was the guitar volume was turned down just a tad, at Jason’s suggestion at the pre show soundcheck and the use of IEMs for the show. Should have started using the latter earlier in the week, as I find the switch from full cover cans to IEMs, causes a noticeable change in what feeds back to me and maybe affects my singing. Not sure exactly and its more of a gut feel.

Tech bits for those interested.

Gtr via Line 6 POD Go
Vox via TC Helicon PlayAcoustic
BT (Bass and Drums) Trio + yes I finally managed not confuse it and it gave me 2 great BTs !
Audio inputs via Xenyx AI Mixer into OBS
OBS set up with ASIO Input Capture source with Gain, Limit and Youlean Loudness Meter.
Videos recorded in OBS.

Also, not had a chance editor these videos but at the time of recording, all the naughty words had been exhausted and consigned to the cutting room floor, along with all the hours of duffs n fluffs.

I’d also been experimenting with camera and playing position, hence my exposed pins in the 2nd video. And no its not an Angus impersonation, as I ain’t go a satchel !!

Feedback welcome.




Hey, Toby, these are really good covers. You’re making good use of that Trio. To my ears these sound like you’ve dialed back not only the guitar level but it seems you used to use a lot more verb on the vocals in the past. I like this sound much better. Both sound good to me but I really got into Turn the Page. Nice!

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Nice one Toby, definitely an improvement since I last listened to your playing and singing; keep up with it buddy :+1:

I already cheered you on the OM, but again :clap: :clap: :clap: . I recently started to try seriously to sing and play. So I know now how difficult can be at times :slight_smile: . Well done Toby :clap:

As a comment, I would consider getting a less bright tone for strumming with a clean effect. I don’t know how the pick-up switch of a Les paul works, but I think it is set to the neck pick-up? If it is, maybe is worth playing a bit with the EQ. However, this is because of my personal taste :man_shrugging:t2:. So if you like the tone, you can ignore this :slight_smile:


Hi Toby,
I still have to go and see the omX … but I really liked to hear this, and what old head says about the reverb i also noticed :sunglasses: … at turn the page the guitar for me ,.I liked it a little harder … but then I’m a " fan" of the Metallica version :blush:…but well played :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

I enjoyed your OM versions and these rehearsal run throughs were equally good. Well done Toby and well done too for your OM organisation and helpful ‘how to’ tips.
No school satchel? Perhaps swap the cowboy hat for a school cap and you’ll be good to go. :smiley:

Thanks Dave.

Yes I used a different Vocal FX on the PlayAcoustic this time and certainly less verby than the previous OM rehearsal. Prior to that I was either using the reverb on the mixer (Xenyx AI) or the Zoom Multistomp and they were both a bit OTT. Now I am getting used to the PA, that the way forward.

The new POD Go has some great tones but I am still experimenting. Using the Loudness Meter which I wrote about here certainly made matching drums, bass and rhythm a lot easier.

Yeah I kinda did as well !! :wink:

Thanks for the listen.


Thanks Darrell.

Not sure what will be next for there type of performances, be they for OMs or AOVYP but I need to refocus on the Blues and lead stuff again for a while.


Cheers Edgar.

I am still at the point with singing and playing where I need to keep the playing “simple” but beginning to push the boundaries on more intricate stuff. That said, its a long way from doing it live !!

Tone wise this was a bit of a compromise. But yes the LP was on the neck pup as you say. Earlier in the week I played Turn on the Bridge but was not 100% happy and speakers to headphones gave different impressions. EQ is an issue using the Xenyx AI, as it just gives a stereo output for all tracks/inputs combined (its more of a mixer), so any adjustments would impact vox, drums and bass as well.

I may have resolved the latency issues I was getting with my UMC1820 AI, in which case I can separate channels to OBS and EQ the Gtr(s) in isolation. Something to test in the future, once the family return to the UK.

But many thanks for the support and feedback.


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Hear what you are saying Roger. Its a fine balance with Turn, I see it as that half way house between the original and the cover. I tried to emulate the Metallica’s more arpeggiated rhythm using chorus and delay but on reflection it could have been a bit darker, :metal:
Be interesting to hear what you think of the OM version, when you get round to it, as I dropped the Gtr volume a little when we did the soundcheck ?



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Thanks Gordon, I take pleasure in organising the events and more than happy to pull things together for folks. Yeah the tips are hopefully of use to folks but guess its all part of the pay it forward routine.

Glad you liked both live and rehearsal versions. Maybe the SG and a beret for the next one. With my barnet at the moment I’d look like an Angus/Brian clone !!

Missed the aftershow chat but such is life. Thanks for the support.


I see. I didn’t expect it was such a big issue. But because I have my amp sim on the phone. So I plug the guitar by line input with the EQ already done. Anyway it was just a suggestion, you still sound great in the record :blush:

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Just something to add that could cast a light on one comment, I noticed a difference in where you’re strumming on the bottom track in relation to the top track; on the bottom track you’re strumming nearer to the bridge pickup than the top one, this will definitely have an influence on your tone, it will make it sound brighter. It’s something that I used regularly to get a brighter tone on my guitars, rather than going for the bridge pickup which is too harsh using the neck pickup but picking or strumming nearer the bridge works well.

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Good spot Darrell. I’ll take a look and listen as I was not aware I was changing the position but vaguely recall using a more “circular” motion for the pattern on TTP. That may explain the position relative to the PUP. Thx.


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Shame on you Toby, you woke the dog! :slight_smile:

Should’ve Listen Cover…
Hey, I like the vibe and tone on this one. Pretty good mix with the vox on top. To me, this was the best of the 2 you did.

Turn the page Cover…
This was good, but I tip my hat to that above. Good mix and production here.

All good stuff and keep on cranking dude!

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Thanks for the listen LB and the feedback.

Again this was minimal mixing and just getting the balance “right” between Vox, GTR and the Trio’s Bass and Drum. It was interesting doing the Open Mic set up with my daughter here and her hearing tones and levels etc through headphones or speakers, opposed to me uploading video to YT for her to review via her phone. The POD Go has some great tones and after a little faffing I’ve finally got the Trio behaving ! So all is good.