Madman's Diaries OM16 Footnotes - MMS Presents Every Mother's Son

Might get sent to the naughty step for this post, as its my 2nd AOVYP post this month.
But hey its been a barren year.

Can’t really add this to the new Madman Blues Diaries, as its a post OM stand alone. Also a bit late in the day for recording a video intro but I generally don’t do that with the OM Footnotes anyway.

I won’t go into the why’s and wherefor’s but in the run up to the OM I’d picked up some bug and couldn’t shake it off, didn’t play a lot and could not sing. Pretty much chose this song not long after I posted the CFI and decided to chuck my hat in the ring. Plan was a simple “extreme” campfire version of the original, which has so much going on. Kind of emulate the original with some arpeggios during the intro and repeat in the bridge. Simples.

Three weeks to go I had this mad idea of using the Trio+ and creating a bass n drums BT.
Long story short, bad idea. It was working and then the wheels kept falling off.
Persevered in the week before the OM, good feedback from my spotter (daughter via YT) but wasn’t happy.

23 minutes before we were due to kick off the soundcheck, plumped for this and thought it will have to do. Not a great dry run and the OM was better, so that’s a first !!

Anyway I will revisit. Have Reaper project with drums and intend to play simple bass, then do the gtr n vox together. Coming soon, probably have to be July ?

Here’s how the boys done it back in the day. Allen & Gary giving large !
Oh yeah, me Van Zant titfer never made an entrance on either performance !! Sacrilege ! :sunglasses:


I don’t think you need the drum and bass, just keep it simple as you did. Song goes well on an acoustic and you did it well. Vocal was good to.

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Hi Toby, I’m a fan of your ‘simple version’. Some songs don’t need ‘more’ :slightly_smiling_face:.
Sometimes, a nice acoustic and good vocals are all you need. For me, this song is such an example.
I really like it :smiley:.
Thanks for sharing :hugs:.


Yes Toby your stripped back version really worked. Sometimes less is more. I enjoyed that.
Really good vocal from you on that one, well done.

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Hi Toby,
Missed the om in half an hour or so and haven’t looked back yet…but I enjoyed this this morning :smiley: :sunglasses: :clap: , together with Brian you were my morning music…just say warm up for the day here, and that promises to be hot… :smile:
And I loved simpeld versions…simples :smile:

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Really enjoyed your OM performance and was cool to revisit the song, I think you did a great job on the vocals. Great stuff :v:

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Hi Toby, I think it was a good call to ditch the Trio+. There is something about stripped back acoustic versions that make them so personal. Playing and vocals were really good, and you can tell that you have connected with the song. Well done sir.

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I can only echo what others have said Toby. Stripped right back it was great and you did a cracking job with it.

I’m going to say this and to hell with the consequences, I think acoustic just needs to be acoustic and nothing else. Once you start adding, you start taking away from the wonderful natural sound of an acoustic. So there. :smiley:

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Playing catch up as a busy week.

Thanks for that Stefan ! I tend to agree with you and now in two minds about revisiting, although I’d like to record it and confidently play the picked melody lines in the intro and bridge(s) that I skipped for expediency and do the singing bits in between !.

With bands like Skynyrd with 3 guitars, its almost impossible to get near to the original, unless you multi track and learn each part. And that’s a bit of over kill, when just picking a song you’d like to do at an OM. But you live and learn. KISS certainly works in my book ! Thanks for the comments.


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