Major 7th Arpeggios

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Just trying to make sure I got it. The numbering pattern means you play same numbers together in progression up the fretboard. I though and arpeggio was thump the root note then run the fingers (I,m,a) up and down the top three strings. What is that called?

The, thought, thumb. :slight_smile:

Hi Ralph,
Even though it is grade 7 (I have no idea what you are on)…from this lesson and the 3 below I think it is explained very clearly and made it clear to me how it was and what you can do with it, very probably I will not be the best order (so more experienced people please correct me if needed ) for most students, but after these lessons I only saw the light come on regarding this whole concept… I’m going to throw myself from today after a long delay on the ARPEGGIATOR…brrr.
Good luck and I hope things clear up for you now…

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do you mean the the formula?

R ^ 3 ^ 5 ^ 7
(of The Major Scale)

Or the finger numbers?

The formula are the steps in the major scale.
If you don’t understand this yet, You might want to step back and get the basic major scale theory down first. It is crucial knowledge to almost everything that follows that requires a little background in theory so I strongly recommend it.

If you mean the numbers of the fingers: Where you start depends on the pattern. They are chosen to be tohught in these chunks because they make sense in comparison to the corresponding major scale shapes; in other words, it isn’t just random chuncks of the fretboard.
You can slide the Major arpeggio shapes over the major scale shapes and you will notice only notes 1,3,5 and 7 of the major scale are used an no notes of the arpeggio fall out of the pattren of the major scale. Logical, as the major apreggio only uses notes that occur in the major scale.

Sounds like flamenco technique strumming? :smiley:

The numbers in the chord box diagram refer to the fingering. The root note is highlighted in red. If you know the intervals on the fretboard, you can figure out which scale degrees are fretted. The notes are played one by one starting with the lowest root note.