Major bugs, anyone else having trouble since november 13th (Android Play Store)

For a while I have had a paid subscription for the JustinGuitar app and over the past few months it’s been an amazing and very helpful app. I have really enjoyed it! However, since the most recent update, which was according to the Play Store on November the 13th, the app is full of bugs and is barely even usable for me.

The bugs I’ve encountered are within songs, where the app would show me the wrong chords, for example it said a C chord, but showed a stuck 3/4 chord instead. That’s not the only bug, I am also literally unable to do my daily practice as my 1 minute changes simply shows three empty chord pictures (see attached picture).

I have reinstalled the app, cleared the cache and am running the app with a Tab S6 Lite which has been updated and is running on One UI version 5.1.1. Do you have a solution as I’m very happy with the app and want to continue using it.

I have contacted the Musopia helpdesk, but as I just got back from a holiday I really badly want to pick up practice again so I’m posting here as well hoping for a quick fix.

I installed the latest update last night onto my iPad and now have issues with it not playing some of the “extra” module lessons. No issues with the new content, but yes, it’s gone buggy for some reason with this release.

Ryan, have you received support from Musopia?

Not yet sadly. I’ve received emails telling me they have received my mail and they’ll get back to me in business hours.

@Inverso @malreid @DavidP

Hi all, we’re very sorry that you encountered this issue!

We have now released a fix update that removes this issue. Please update to the latest version fo the app 3.8.1 :slight_smile:


@MusopiaApps Thanks so much for your assistance, appreciate you resolving the issues for our users.

When I first landed on JG I was impressed by the content, the slick presentation and the fact that stuff actually worked - not something always found in internet land. So I had a feeling that any issues that might pop up would be quickly resolved.

And so it proves to be :+1:

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