Major Chord Scale Relations

In this lesson we explore the relationship between the Major Scale and the three major chords in it's key. Fascinating and really useful stuff!

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Yes fascinating is the word. Scales and chords, old friends but this lesson is one of those special moments for me thanks.

Are you using a pick here? Or just your fingers? If so, which fingers?

Are you using a pick or your fingers and if so, which fingers?

@gonzaleznicolas @rotoca
Have you watched the first lesson where Justin explains which fingers play which strings ?
@ 3:20 but suggest you watch the whole lesson (all previous lessons if you’ve not done already). Remember this is the fingerstyle course so no picks.

E A D Thumb
G Index
B Middle
e Ring

Welcome and Happy picking.

Yeah, would really help to get a look at what the right hand is doing in this lesson.